Amidst the backdrop of Computex 2016 and alongside their new Cortex-A73 CPU, ARM is announcing their next generation GPU architecture, Bifrost. A significant update to ARM’s GPU architecture, Bifrost will first be deployed in ARM’s Mali-G71 GPU. Today we're taking a look at the Bifrost architecture and Mali-G71 to better understand the changes ARM has made. With a shift over from an ILP-centric design to a TLP-centric design, Bifrost marks a major change in ARM's GPU architecture, and will help ARM prepare its GPUs for future graphics and compute workloads.

VESA Adds Adaptive-Sync to DisplayPort 1.2a Standard; Variable Refresh Monitors Move Forward

The last half-year or so has seen the concept of variable refresh desktop monitors advance rather quickly. After sitting on the technology backburner for a number of years, the...

38 by Ryan Smith on 5/12/2014

NVIDIA Q1 FY2015 Financial Results

This afternoon NVIDIA announced their quarterly earnings for Q1 2015. Overall GAAP revenue came in at $1.1B, up 16% year over year and down 4% sequentially. Gross margin was...

68 by Brett Howse on 5/8/2014

Sapphire R9 290X Vapor-X 8GB Hits Retail: UK Only, £600

Back at CeBit 2014 we ran a news item regarding a couple of Sapphire branded AMD GPUs that used double the video memory of the standard R9 290X. It...

18 by Ian Cutress on 5/7/2014

Running an NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti Over Thunderbolt 2

A common issue for laptop users is the lack of GPU power. Even the fastest mobile GPUs, in SLI or Crossfire cannot reach the echelons of performance of a...

72 by Kristian Vättö on 5/4/2014

AMD Mantle Developer Private Beta Begins

Word comes from AMD this morning that the private beta for the Mantle developer program has begun. Up until now the Mantle SDK (not to be confused with the...

51 by Ryan Smith on 5/1/2014

Best Video Cards: April 2014

As April comes to a close we’re back once again with our monthly guide to video cards. Compared to the February/March time period and the flurry of activity coinciding with...

65 by Ryan Smith on 4/30/2014

NVIDIA Adds Watch Dogs to GeForce Game Bundles

In a surprise move today, NVIDIA has announced that they are updating their spring GeForce game bundle mid-cycle with a new game. Effective immediately, Ubisoft’s upcoming open world techno thriller...

3 by Ryan Smith on 4/29/2014

VESA and MIPI Announce Display Stream Compression Standard

For some time now the consumer electronics industry has been grappling with how to improve the performance and efficiency of display interfaces, especially in light of more recent increases...

85 by Ryan Smith on 4/22/2014

AMD Posts Catalyst 14.4 Release Candidate Drivers

Coinciding with this week’s launch of the Radeon R9 295X2, AMD has posted their latest Catalyst drivers, now at version 14.4. Catalyst 14.4 is the first driver set for...

19 by Ryan Smith on 4/21/2014

AMD Announces Refresh of Never Settle Forever Program

After letting their Never Settle Forever gaming bundle program slowly lapse over the past few months, AMD sends word this morning that they’re going to be significantly refreshing the...

11 by Ryan Smith on 4/21/2014

AMD Q1 2014 Quarterly Earnings Analysis

AMD hosted their quarterly earnings conference call this afternoon to announce their financial results for the quarter ending March 2014. While they still reported a GAAP loss of $20...

37 by Brett Howse on 4/17/2014

The AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Review

Launching today is AMD's Radeon R9 295X2. After much consumer speculation and more than a few teasers, AMD is releasing their long-awaited Hawaii-powered entry to their dual-GPU series of...

131 by Ryan Smith on 4/8/2014

NVIDIA GeForce Experience 2.0: Remote GameStream and Notebook Support

Coinciding with today’s launch of the R337 driver, NVIDIA has also updated their GeForce Experience (GFE) software to version 2.0. The updated beta drivers are available for notebooks as...

27 by Jarred Walton on 4/7/2014

NVIDIA Releases 337.50 Beta Driver, Touts Significant Performance Improvements

Kicking off what will undoubtedly be a busy week in the world of video cards, NVIDIA has started the week with a new GeForce driver release over on their...

50 by Ryan Smith on 4/7/2014

AMD Launches FirePro W9100

Kicking off this week is the 2014 NAB Show, the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual trade show for broadcast content and technology. The NAB Show is often a launch...

20 by Ryan Smith on 4/7/2014

AMD’s Next Teaser: The Mystery Briefcase

After taking a week off, AMD is back once more with another teaser for their forthcoming dual-GPU product. This should, we assume, be the final such teaser, meaning we’re...

47 by Ryan Smith on 4/2/2014

AMD Announces FirePro W9100

In what’s proving to be a busy week for GPU news, AMD has just wrapped up their webcast announcing their next flagship FirePro product. Dubbed the FirePro W9100, AMD’s...

32 by Ryan Smith on 3/26/2014

NVIDIA Updates GPU Roadmap; Unveils Pascal Architecture For 2016

In something of a surprise move, NVIDIA took to the stage today at GTC to announce a new roadmap for their GPU families. With today’s announcement comes news of...

68 by Ryan Smith on 3/26/2014

NVIDIA Announces GeForce GTX Titan Z: Dual-GPU GK110 For $3000

Today at GTC NVIDIA announced their next GTX Titan family card. Dubbed the GTX Titan Z (no idea yet on why it’s Z), the card is NVIDIA's obligatory entry...

65 by Ryan Smith on 3/25/2014

NVIDIA GTC 2014 Keynote Live Blog

We're live from NVIDIA's 2014 GPU Technology Conference. Jen-Hsun's keynote will begin at 9:00AM PT/12:00PM ET, check back here for live updates!

50 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 3/25/2014

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