An inescapable part of the world of self-building a personal computer is customization and aesthetics. For most users, and even some gamers, the box under the desk is built for function. But there’s a sizeable crowd of chassis/system modders, LAN gamers and forum users that like to show off what they have. For these users, we have styled motherboards, graphics cards, coolers and even power supplies in order to build the design. Chassis can come with side windows, be fully open or custom built to how the user wants. One area in the customization route that has been a hard one to innovate has been what to do with DRAM. Corsair and ADATA provides colored tops for some of their ranges, G.Skill has themed heatsinks...

Computex 2014: GeIL Shows DDR4, with Suggested CAS Latencies

One of the big launches this year will be the Haswell-E platform. It is pretty much common knowledge in hardware discussions that this means Haswell-E, X99 and DDR4...

25 by Ian Cutress on 6/13/2014

GeIL Evo Veloce Review: 2x8GB at DDR3-2400 C11-12-12 1.65 V

As part of a series of memory reviews, the next kit to enter our test beds is a limited edition enthusiast kit from GeIL. Attached with what GeIL...

30 by Ian Cutress on 10/24/2012

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