Tough times in the industry can require companies to make tough business decisions. This month Fujitsu announced that it would spin off its personal computer and smartphone operations into separate wholly-owned subsidiaries. Fujitsu will continue to own the aforementioned business entities, but wants management of the new companies to be fully responsible for their business results. While the move may make sense from financial point of view, it has the potential to be difficult for each business unit to build a unified brand once they are separated. Throughout Fujitsu's 80-year history, the firm (like many others) has invested tens of billions in research and development of new technologies and continues to be a major R&D powerhouse. Fujitsu produced Japan’s first mainframe computer in 1954 and...

Fujitsu Launches New U772 and UH572 Ultrabooks

Fujitsu isn’t one of the companies we at AnandTech usually encounter in the realm of laptops; for whatever reason, their presence in the US market is decidedly limited. Nevertheless...

12 by Jarred Walton on 6/6/2012

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