Last week, Soft Machines announced that their 'VISC' architecture was available for licensing, following the announcement of the original concepts over a year ago. The concepts behind their VISC architecture, which splits the workload of a single linear thread across multiple cores in an effort to improve IPC, are intriguing and exciting. But as with any new fundamental change in computer processing, it will be subject to a large barrage of questions. We were invited to a presentation and call with the President and Chief Technical Officer Mohammed Abdallah and the VP Marketing and Business Mark Casey, and I put a number of questions on the lips of analysts to them.

Computex 2015: Intel Keynote Live Blog

We're here at Intel's Keynote, waiting for Kirk Skaugen to announce some new things.

19 by Ian Cutress on 6/2/2015

AMD Picks Up Jim Anderson from Intel To Lead Computing and Graphics Business Group

Word comes from AMD this afternoon that they have finally found a new Senior VP and General Manager for the company’s Computing and Graphics business group. The group has...

30 by Ryan Smith on 6/1/2015

Intel to Acquire FPGA-Specialist Altera for $16.7 Billion

Today Intel has announced that they are buying Altera in an all-cash deal of $16.7 billion. The deal, having been rumored for a while now, will see Intel pick...

20 by Ryan Smith on 6/1/2015

The Kaveri Refresh 'Godavari' Review: Testing AMD's A10-7870K

Astute readers will recognize that we recently posted two reviews covering more of the stack of AMD processors with the codename 'Kaveri' which covered the A6-7400K, A8-7650K and the...

138 by Ian Cutress on 6/1/2015

The AMD A10-7700K and AMD A6-7400K CPU Mini-Review

In recent months and quarters I have had discussions about why CPU manufacturers offer a number of processors each separated by $7 and 100 MHz. The obvious answer (but...

104 by Ian Cutress on 5/27/2015

Imagination Announces OmniShield: Hardware Security Zones For MIPS + PowerVR Ecosystem

Though it would be unfair to state that there was a point where device security never mattered, it’s safe to say that the interest in security from hardware manufacturers...

4 by Ryan Smith on 5/20/2015

The AMD A8-7650K APU Review, Also New Testing Methodology

The staggered birth of Kaveri has been an interesting story to cover but it has been difficult to keep all the pieces right in the forefront of memory. The...

176 by Ian Cutress on 5/12/2015

AMD’s Carrizo-L APUs Unveiled: 12-25W Quad Core Puma+

One of the important press releases that came out as a result of the AMD Financial Analyst Day has been some insights into how AMD is approaching the Carrizo...

50 by Ian Cutress on 5/12/2015

The Intel Xeon E7-8800 v3 Review: The POWER8 Killer?

The story behind the high-end Xeon has been the same for the past 5 years: Intel's most expensive beats the Oracle alternative in every way you can look at...

146 by Johan De Gelas on 5/8/2015

AMD Financial Analyst Day 2015 Round-Up

Having just wrapped up a bit ago is AMD’s 2015 Financial Analyst Day (FAD). For AMD FADs are a combination of roadmap updates and number breakdowns for financial analysts...

47 by Ryan Smith on 5/6/2015

AMD’s 2016-2017 Datacenter Roadmap: x86, ARM, and GPGPU

As part of AMD’s business unit reorganization in 2014, many of AMD’s high-growth businesses were organized into a new group at the company, the Enterprise, Embedded, and Semi-Custom Business...

15 by Ryan Smith on 5/6/2015

AMD Announces 6th Generation A-Series APU Branding - Carrizo Due This Quarter

Along with AMD’s roadmap announcements today at financial analyst day, AMD has also offered a brief update on the state of Carrizo, the company’s forthcoming next-generation mobile APU. Due...

24 by Ryan Smith on 5/6/2015

AMD’s 2016-2017 x86 Roadmap: Zen Is In, Skybridge Is Out

AMD’s CTO Mark Papermaster just left the stage at AMD’s 2015 Financial Analyst Day, and one of the first things he covered was AMD’s CPU technology roadmap for the...

60 by Ryan Smith on 5/6/2015

AMD’s K12 ARM CPU Now In 2017

Along with an update on their x86 plans, AMD has also presented an update on their ARM plans at financial analyst day today. The news there is a mixed...

14 by Ryan Smith on 5/6/2015

AMD Charts Future Growth Opportunities

Taking place today is AMD’s 2015 Financial Analyst Day (FAD). For AMD FADs are a combination of roadmap updates and number breakdowns for financial analysts and investors, showcasing where...

11 by Ryan Smith on 5/6/2015

Imagination Announces Free MIPSfpga Design For Academia

While we admittedly don’t cover much in the way of education/university-related announcements, this one from Imagination this morning caught my eye. As part of Imagination’s ongoing university relations program, the...

15 by Ryan Smith on 4/27/2015

Qualcomm Reports FY 2015 Q2 Results: Strong Q2 But Lower Forecast For 2015

Qualcomm released their Q2 financial results today, and they had another strong quarter. Revenues increased 8% from Q2 2014, coming in at $6.9 billion. On a GAAP basis, operating...

9 by Brett Howse on 4/22/2015

AMD Posts Q1 2015 Results: $180 Million Net Loss

Today AMD released their Q1 FY 2015 financial results, and the company reported revenue of $1.03 billion for the quarter. This is a 16.9% decrease as compared to Q4...

140 by Brett Howse on 4/16/2015

AMD Exits Dense Microserver Business, Ends SeaMicro Brand

AMD’s Q1’15 earnings announcement just came out a bit ago, and while we’re still waiting for the analyst call to take place to get more details, there is one...

57 by Ryan Smith on 4/16/2015

Intel Reports Q1 2015 Earnings: Lower PC Sales And Higher Data Center Revenues

Intel released their Q1 2015 earnings today. The company posted revenues of $12.8 billion USD for the quarter which is down 13% from Q4 2014, and flat year-over-year. Gross...

11 by Brett Howse on 4/14/2015

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