When Google originally announced the second-generation Chromecast last week, in typical Google fashion they focused on features and uses over specifications. Given the capabilities of the new product we knew that there had to have been some changes – at a minimum the wireless component has changed – and thanks to a press release from Marvell we finally know what chips are in the new media receiver. The Chromecast 2 is powered by Marvell’s ARMADA 1500 Mini Plus (88DE3006), one of Marvell’s lower-end “digital entertainment processors.” The Mini Plus is the successor to the ARMADA 1500 Mini (88DE3005), which in turn was first introduced for the Chromecast 1 back in 2013. Like the original Mini, the Mini Plus is essentially tailor-made for the Chromecast, as...

Google Announces Chromecast (2) & Chromecast Audio

Alongside today’s suite of Nexus phone announcements, Google also spent some time addressing the big screen with an update to the company’s family of Chromecast digital media player/receivers. First off...

23 by Ryan Smith on 9/29/2015

Google Chromecast Review - An Awesome $35 HDMI Dongle

So I have a confession to make – I didn’t hate the Nexus Q. While I didn’t necessarily love it and use it daily like a small minority of...

105 by Brian Klug on 7/29/2013

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