This time last year we saw the launch of Radeon Crimson. This was AMD’s big attempt to state that a yearly cadence for software features was a good thing, and helped streamline the process for the number of initiatives that AMD participates in when it comes to GPUs. This year the update is called ‘Crimson ReLive’, and features a number of updates such as integrating the professional aspect of Radeon Pro into the cadence, a push towards VR features, and additional elements to gamers/streamers and even screen recording for professional software.

Discrete Desktop GPU Market Trends Q2 2016: AMD Grabs Market Share, But NVIDIA Remains on Top

We're back once again with our periodic series looking at computer hardware market trends, this time taking a look at GPU sales for Q2 2016. Broadly speaking, unit sales...

72 by Anton Shilov on 9/13/2016

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.9.1, Adds Deus Ex Mankind Divided DX12 Support

AMD has released their first Radeon driver update for September this week with Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.9.1. Notable in this release is that along with the usual batch...

17 by Daniel Williams on 9/9/2016

Analyzing Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro Hardware Reveal: What Lies Beneath

A few months ago near the start of E3, Sony made an interesting revelation: that they would be releasing a higher performing PlayStation 4 console. A console intended to...

205 by Ryan Smith on 9/8/2016

IFA 2016: Live Blog of AMD Keynote with Mark Papermaster, CTO

We're here with AMD's CTO on stage for the IFA show.

63 by Ian Cutress on 9/3/2016

AMD Amends GlobalFoundries Wafer Supply Agreement Through 2020, Gaining New Flexibility & New Costs

This evening AMD has announced that they have updated their long-standing wafer supply agreement with fab parter GlobalFoundries. The new agreement, which makes some notable alterations to wafer order...

17 by Ryan Smith on 9/1/2016

The AnandTech Podcast, Episode 37: IDF 2016, Alloy, Joule, Broxton, and AMD Zen

Today’s podcast covers the show known as the Intel Developer Forum, or IDF for short. IDF is an annual event focusing on new Intel technologies and product visions, showcasing...

11 by Ian Cutress on 8/30/2016

AMD Bundles Together Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and AMD FX CPUs

Buying new hardware is almost always exciting, and purchases are even sweeter when they come with included gifts. In spirit of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided receiving DX12 support in...

19 by Daniel Williams on 8/24/2016

AMD Zen Microarchiture Part 2: Extracting Instruction-Level Parallelism

Hot Chips is an annual conference that allows semiconductor companies to present their latest and greatest ideas or forthcoming products in an academic-style environment, and is predominantly aimed as...

104 by Ian Cutress on 8/23/2016

Unpacking AMD's Zen Benchmark: Is Zen actually 2% Faster than Broadwell?

At a satellite event to Intel's Developer Conference last week, AMD held an evening soiree with invited analysts and press to talk about their new upcoming Zen microarchitecture. This...

173 by Ian Cutress on 8/23/2016

Early AMD Zen Server CPU and Motherboard Details: Codename ‘Naples’, 32-cores, Dual Socket Platforms, Q2 2017

At the AMD Zen microarchitecture announcement event yesterday, the lid was lifted on some of the details of AMD’s server platform. The 32-core CPU, codename Naples, will feature simultaneous...

63 by Ian Cutress on 8/18/2016

AMD Zen Microarchitecture: Dual Schedulers, Micro-Op Cache and Memory Hierarchy Revealed

In their own side event this week, AMD invited select members of the press and analysts to come and discuss the next layer of Zen details. In this piece...

215 by Ian Cutress on 8/18/2016

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.8.2 Hotfix

In very short order AMD has dropped another driver update in response to the latest. The 16.8.2 hotfix gives the driver version a minor bump to 16.30.2511.1001. With only...

2 by Daniel Williams on 8/16/2016

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.8.1 Hotfix

Hardly a week and a half has gone by and AMD has released another driver update. Of course with the flood of newly released cards we have seen released...

11 by Daniel Williams on 8/9/2016

TUL Shuts Down VTX3D Graphics Cards Brand

TUL Corp., the company behind graphics cards sold under PowerColor and VTX3D trademarks, has decided to shut down one of its brands. From a post on the company website...

35 by Anton Shilov on 8/5/2016

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.7.3

AMD's Radeon Technologies Group has released another driver update with a healthy list of fixes. On the list today are fixes for CrossFire, flickering in both rendering and the...

17 by Daniel Williams on 7/29/2016

AMD Announces Radeon RX 470 & RX 460 Specifications; Shipping in Early August

Back before Radeon RX 480 even launched, AMD briefly teased the next two cards in their lineup at E3 2016’s PC Gaming Show. These cards, the Radeon RX 470...

56 by Ryan Smith on 7/28/2016

MSI Shows New Radeon RX 480 Gaming Cards, with an 8-pin

Today MSI is announcing the latest entry in the Gaming X GPU line with the Radeon RX 480 Gaming X 8G/4G cards as well as non-X variants. The main...

34 by Daniel Williams on 7/26/2016

AMD Announces Radeon Pro WX Series: WX 4100, WX 5100, & WX 7100 Bring Polaris to Pros

It’s been a while since we’ve last seen a new workstation graphics card from AMD. With their Fiji GPU not being a good fit for the market, the company...

30 by Ryan Smith on 7/26/2016

Updated: AMD Announces Radeon Pro SSG: Fiji With M.2 SSDs On-Board

As part of this evening’s AMD Capsaicin event (more on that later), AMD’s Chief Architect and SVP of the Radeon Technologies Group has announced a new Radeon Pro card...

117 by Ryan Smith on 7/25/2016

SAPPHIRE Announces NITRO+ Radeon RX 480

This morning SAPPHIRE is announcing their latest card in the NITRO+ family, the NITRO+ Radeon RX 480. Some key features of SAPPHIRE’s new NITRO+ RX 480 cards include higher...

57 by Daniel Williams on 7/22/2016

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