Wearables seem to already be the unofficial theme of CES 2014, which officially begins today. I stopped by Ambarella to see their latest and greatest, now well known for making the SoC and video encode platform inside the popular GoPro series of cameras, which are based on the A7 and A7L SoCs. Ambarella was showing off a newly announced camera platform designed in a partnership with Google for Google Helpouts, a service designed to enable inscrutable sessions through what looks like the Google Hangouts interface, between a teacher and learner. The camera shown off is worn like a pendant, allowing the user to have full use of their hands while broadcasting and showing off whatever subject or task it is that they're performing. There's a...

Ambarella Announces A9 Camera SoC - Successor to the A7 in GoPro Hero 3 Black

I've been playing around with and trying to review the GoPro Hero 3 Black since the holidays, a small sports-oriented portable camera which can record up to 4K15 video...

6 by Brian Klug on 1/13/2013

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