Not content to release a few hotspots and phones, Verizon Wireless is giving Pantech and AT&T a run for their money with the release of an LTE variant of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 7.7. Alone amongst the Galaxy Tab family, the Tab 7.7 features Samsung's Exynos processor clocked at 1.4 GHz; and this marks the first occasion that Exynos will be paired with an LTE radio. The Galaxy S II LTE variants relied on Qualcomm solutions for both their SoCs and LTE radios, while all prior Galaxy Tab LTE variants featured NVIDIA SoCs. 

The 7.7" display on this latest Samsung tablet features the largest Super AMOLED Plus display currently available, so viewing angles and color accuracy should be top notch. If you're following Brian (@nerdtalker) on Twitter you know that VZW LTE has held up so far in Las Vegas so we're excited to get some hands-on time with VZW's latest devices. What we don't know is a price or a release date. We'll work on that shortly, for now enjoy the press images we have. 



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  • jontech - Monday, January 09, 2012 - link

    They should post upgrade schedules for these devices otherwise these are a crap shoot Reply

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