Here’s the second part of AnandTech’s smartphone podcast, post the Apple event where the iPhone 7 was launched. On the Podcast are Ian, Josh and Matt (apologies for his microphone) discussing a number of other devices and reviews that were launched around the same time as the iPhone. First up is a recap of Josh’s review of the Samsung Galaxy Note7, which has since been recalled due to issues with the battery - the team discusses some of the other features of the Note7 as well. Next is a discussion on the launch event of the Honor 8, a step up from previous Honor devices and uses HiSilicon’s top smartphone SoC, the Kirin 950, and also comes with dual cameras. Finally, the team covers the LG V20 smartphone launch, with the Josh having a good hands on with the dual display technology as well as some time on the new Android 7/N.

The AnandTech Podcast #39


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Total Time:  1 hour 00 minutes 59 seconds

Outline hh:mm:ss

00:00 - Start
01:44 - Samsung Galaxy Note7
 - 01:44 - Fires
 - 03:11 - A week is not long enough for a full review
 - 05:49 - Note7 Overview
 - 07:06 - Snapdragon 820 (now) vs Snapdragon 821 (in future devices)
 - 08:06 - Clarification on Google DayDream 
 - 09:03 - Specification Breakdown on Note7
 - 10:03 - Why not Android 7?
 - 11:08 - Discussing the Battery Issues
 - 15:06 - Curved Displays
 - 18:45 - Differences in Exynos 8890 vs Snapdragon 820
 - 19:59 - Industrial Design
21:31 - Honor 8
 - 21:31 - How Honor’s events differ to others
 - 25:04 - Hardware
 - 28:24 - EMUI
 - 33:44 - Competition 
 - 34:07 - Color and Feel
 - 35:59 - Honor vs Huawei (Nova and Nova Plus)
38:14 - LG V20
  - 38:14 - Dual Screens
  - 40:34 - Specifications, 3D NAND and Dual Cameras
  - 45:19 - Android 7/Nougat
  - 46:39 - Video/Audio Recording on V20
  - 49:46 - ‘Quad DAC’
51:29 - LiveBlog Adventures (How we’re adjusting our LiveBlog process)
1:00:59 - FIN

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  • tsk2k - Monday, October 03, 2016 - link

    Liking the podcasts lately, looking forward to see it in video format in the future. Reply
  • Crono - Tuesday, October 04, 2016 - link

    Good episode. I think the term "phablet" can be safely retired, though, except for smartphones really bordering on the 7" tablet market, like the Zenfone 3 Ultra you mentioned. But I enjoyed the breakdown and takes on the new phones, and even the explanation of the live blogging process was enlightening (and it explains that freaky repeated image thing that was going on). I figured most tech media are/were still using DSLRs exclusively (or in the process of going to mirrorless), but it makes sense especially for live blogging that smartphones would be plenty capable now. Reply
  • Cliff34 - Tuesday, October 04, 2016 - link

    I love the podcast...but am i the only one who thinks the volume is too low? Reply
  • Gich - Thursday, October 06, 2016 - link

    Someone needs a decent microphone. Reply
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  • peteramazon - Saturday, January 14, 2017 - link

    Wow amazing episode I have ever seen. Reply
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