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11:43PM EDT - Computex is very busy already this year, so much being released. Until the next press event!

11:42PM EDT - we'll get a closer look later today, look out for updates and new galleries

11:42PM EDT - That's the end of the presentation, everyone is rushing to the equipment

11:40PM EDT - Also got told some juicy information about the G20 and GR8. Will be at the ASUS booth later today, will try and confirm the info

11:40PM EDT - It's crazy

11:40PM EDT - That's all the new stuff

11:39PM EDT - Single slot design

11:39PM EDT - only 500 pieces this year, maybe more later based on demand

11:39PM EDT - this is an R9 295X2 with an EK Waterblock, limited edition

11:38PM EDT - Now the Ares III VGA

11:38PM EDT - First ROG AMD motherboard since 990FX Fomula-Z

11:38PM EDT - Lots of ROG on FM2+

11:37PM EDT - releasing in July

11:37PM EDT - 1ms response time

11:37PM EDT - one-click button to adjust refresh rate, 60/120/144 Hz

11:36PM EDT - G-sync! 1440p!

11:36PM EDT - ROG Swift PB278Q

11:36PM EDT - Now a monitor

11:35PM EDT - red, of course

11:35PM EDT - two slide-to-press buttons

11:35PM EDT - detachable micro-USB cable

11:35PM EDT - Japanese-made OMRON switches in the mouse, exclusive

11:33PM EDT - Keyboard has customizable keys

11:33PM EDT - Mouse designed for FPS

11:32PM EDT - GK2000 Keyboard and Gladius Mouse

11:31PM EDT - Kris Huang on the video talking about the new ROG mouse

11:31PM EDT - video of gamers now

11:30PM EDT - First up, Gaming Peripherals

11:30PM EDT - Five more products for gaming

11:29PM EDT - Actually word in my ear is that the Extreme team might be focusing on a later platform perhaps, as one might expect

11:28PM EDT - No Extreme model?

11:28PM EDT - Compatible with OC Panel and Front Base

11:27PM EDT - SupremeFX Impact II

11:27PM EDT - M.2 x4 on the Impact

11:27PM EDT - the VI Impact was popular

11:27PM EDT - the VI Impact was popular

11:26PM EDT - A lot of people have been waiting for this

11:26PM EDT - Now the Maximus VII Impact

11:26PM EDT - mPCIe Combo III

11:26PM EDT - Bundled with Watch Dogs

11:25PM EDT - New Crosschill Copper

11:25PM EDT - Looks like the VI Formula witht he all over cover, but obviously Z97 features

11:25PM EDT - Maximus VII Formula!

11:24PM EDT - World's first dual-color PCB

11:23PM EDT - ROG Motherboards now

11:23PM EDT - dual fan cooling system

11:23PM EDT - 4K display!

11:23PM EDT - 100% NTSC, 108% Adobe RGB

11:23PM EDT - Wide color gamut

11:22PM EDT - 15.6 inch, 19mm, 2.2kg

11:22PM EDT - The GX500

11:21PM EDT - Now a gaming notebook

11:21PM EDT - GR8 will have a Steam version in the future

11:21PM EDT - Both G20 and GR8 support Steam OS

11:19PM EDT - Upgradable storage, 4K support, Miracast, 802.11ac Intel LAN

11:19PM EDT - Using Core i7 and 750 Ti

11:19PM EDT - GR8 is 2.5 liter

11:19PM EDT - "Mayan pattern is beautiful"

11:19PM EDT - "Game anywhere"

11:18PM EDT - it's a console PC

11:18PM EDT - Now the GR8 (greeeat)

11:18PM EDT - Aegis software UI for monitoring system performance

11:18PM EDT - 25 dB, 20W idle power

11:17PM EDT - air in the bottom, out at the top

11:17PM EDT - Special design for thermal

11:17PM EDT - Core i7 and GTX 780 in 12.5 liters

11:17PM EDT - 8 million color options

11:16PM EDT - Best CHoice Gold Award for G20

11:15PM EDT - G20 and GR8

11:15PM EDT - "New ultimate gaming machines"

11:15PM EDT - "In pursuit of portability and power"

11:14PM EDT - Corporate VP of Motherboard and Desktop SBU

11:14PM EDT - Joe Hsieh on stage

11:14PM EDT - "Excited about partnership and innovation"

11:14PM EDT - Devil's Canyon mentioned too

11:13PM EDT - and Broadwell for 9-series

11:13PM EDT - Mentioned the unlocked Pentium

11:13PM EDT - Lisa Graff has been the head person behind Intel's recent enthusiast push

11:12PM EDT - "We are investing more in our products for the gaming market"

11:12PM EDT - "In Search of Incredible is a great slogan"

11:11PM EDT - Lisa Graff from Intel on stage

11:11PM EDT - "ROG's New Power and Beauty"

11:10PM EDT - "We live and breathe for performance"

11:10PM EDT - "Power and Beauty"

11:10PM EDT - "We share a passion for winning and pushing performance to the Extreme"

11:09PM EDT - Jonney Shih on stage

11:09PM EDT - Some of ASUS' famous overclockers are on screen

11:08PM EDT - Woohoo starting with dubstep

11:03PM EDT - Lively disco beat, the event is quite full

11:00PM EDT - These ROG events always bring out some crazy engineering. Last year we saw the combined air/water cooling heatsink on the GPU if I remember correctly

10:59PM EDT - A couple of minutes to the start

10:58PM EDT - Kristian and I are here, I'll be on text, Kristian on photographs

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