Original Link: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7994/arms-impact-on-the-chip-market-100m-chinadesigned-socs-shipped-in-2013

At its second ever Tech Day, ARM shared a pretty interesting slide about its impact on the mobile SoC market. ARM's business model allows for pretty much anyone to be a player in the SoC space. This is in stark contrast to the PC business that's dominated by a single silicon player, with perhaps one lower volume second source. ARM's IP licensing business has paved the way for a number of low cost SoC vendors, particularly those based in China, to enjoy substantial marketshare. While we've only reviewed a single MediaTek based device on AnandTech, the numbers out there are increasing tremendously. 

Tablets in particular are the perfect target for low cost SoCs given that you can successfully ship a WiFi-only design. ARM's chart above shows just how successful its China-based SoC vendors have been in the tablet space, shipping over 100M SoCs in 2013 (~40% of ARM's tablet business). 

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