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03:15PM EST - That seems to be all! Thanks for following!

03:15PM EST - Q: Are you making money on the Moto G? A: Yes. With Lenovo we will have the ability to improve our customer facing costs

03:09PM EST - Q:"Will the smart watch run Android?" A: "All I can comment is stay tuned, it won't be running Tizen"

03:08PM EST - "Isn't it time for a new model?" "Stay tuned"

03:08PM EST - "Days of 650 dollar smartphones are coming to an end"

03:08PM EST - "Do you plan to go into the high end?" "We believe consumers will benefit from having high end phones at lower prices"

03:06PM EST - "As a part of Google, it was very hard to do business in China, very different with Lenovo"

03:06PM EST - "Will Moto X or Moto G come to China soon?" "No plans yet"

03:05PM EST - Best done by core Google team (Ara)

03:04PM EST - Q: Project Ara. A: We still have a great relationship with the ATAP group, we will follow closely the developments of Ara

03:03PM EST - Answer: Motomaker implementation for Mexico: no details on who, but we want to launch Q2

03:03PM EST - Question: The launch in Mexico for the Moto X

03:02PM EST - They want to make Motomaker as available as possible

03:01PM EST - There's too much echo, media are being asked to approach the stage to ask questions

03:01PM EST - "it was time to decide whether Google was going to focus on hardware or focus on strengthening Motorola and Lenovo"

03:00PM EST - The guy is a journalist from the Register

03:00PM EST - A guy literally just walked up to the mic and said the people on stage don't understand Motorola

02:55PM EST - Now time for journalist Q&A

02:54PM EST - Q: Any truth to using Windows Phone? A: We are committed to Android

02:52PM EST - Q: When is the next version of the Moto X coming? A: Sometime in the summer!

02:51PM EST - A: We are planning! These will be announced in due course. We released the wood backs but there should be more to come

02:51PM EST - Q: More options in Moto Maker

02:50PM EST - "A: We got a long term view of the mobile industry, and with Lenovo we can continue this to be a significant player in the mobile markets"

02:49PM EST - "Q: What impression did Google make?"

02:49PM EST - Now to questions from Twitter

02:47PM EST - "A: Lenovo are very interested in our product portfolio and we hope it will continue in this direction"

02:47PM EST - "Q: Why would Lenovo be interested in this product line?"

02:47PM EST - "We want to make it more a piece of jewellery rather than ugly tech"

02:46PM EST - "We want to solve user problems, especially in style and design"

02:46PM EST - "We are developing a watch in 2014"

02:46PM EST - "A: We are strong with sensor development which paves the way for wearables in 2014"

02:45PM EST - "Q: What can we expect other than smartphones in the future?"

02:43PM EST - "When the first Apple smartphone shipped, the high end smartphone market fixated at $600"

02:42PM EST - "Not only have we been upgrading quickly, but also enhancing the experience"

02:42PM EST - "We won 32 'Best Of' awards from reviewers in 2013"

02:40PM EST - "Our approach to deployment is independent to the new Lenovo ownership and will continue"

02:40PM EST - "We have been held to the same standards as any other OEM regarding Android deployment"

02:39PM EST - "By keeping a streamlined approach, Moto G and the like can outperform other higher products in the marketplace"

02:39PM EST - "We are able to ship Android upgrades faster than anyone else"

02:38PM EST - They just said pure Google experience will stay whether they are a Google company or not

02:36PM EST - "Users want to express themselves"

02:36PM EST - First: UK, Germany and Mexico

02:36PM EST - Moto Maker is being rolling out in Europe and Mexico in Q2

02:35PM EST - We see a lot of choices in phone design

02:35PM EST - Moto X was put out to set to fix several user problems including voice to enable use of new features

02:34PM EST - "We have no compromise - we'd never pursue a $25 smartphone if it was followed with the words 'but' "

02:33PM EST - Talking about Moto G details and the low end

02:33PM EST - "Q: What have you done differently"

02:32PM EST - It's very hard to hear clearly here. Big echo, large delay

02:31PM EST - Q: What would you have done differently?

02:31PM EST - "Same character length for Google and Lenovo"

02:30PM EST - "We have a good mobile portfolio"

02:30PM EST - Motorola is very strong in developing markets

02:29PM EST - "With Lenovo we have an opportunity to partner on mobile to a larger degree"

02:28PM EST - Also access to new technology

02:28PM EST - It's the ability to ramp products quickly and drive pricing down

02:28PM EST - A: We're talking about scale

02:28PM EST - Why Motorola and Lenovo

02:28PM EST - Initial question: Why Motorola?

02:27PM EST - Mark used to manage Kindle supply chain, now 2 yrs at Motorola

02:26PM EST - Steve is explaining his history, started promoting Android 8 years ago

02:26PM EST - There is a two second delay between talking and out of the speaker, hard to hear exactly

02:25PM EST - Executive team tonight: Steve Arwent, Mark Randall and Rick Osterloh

02:24PM EST - Starting

02:10PM EST - Obviously no list of slides, so more of a discussion and Q&A

02:07PM EST - Brian just joined us :) Slight delay, should be starting at quarter past the hour we think

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