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There's been some level of uncertainty regarding OCZ and especially the outstanding product warranties. I covered OCZ's situation and its position at Toshiba in our Vertex 460 review but now we've finally got the official word about warranties as well.

In short, all OCZ's latest SSDs will be covered by warranty normally, but the unfortunate news is that all non-SSD products (such as PSUs, DRAM, USB drives etc.) will not be supported at all. Outstanding product warranties were excluded from the acquisition terms, so it appears that Toshiba is only willing to cover the most necessary products, those being OCZ's most popular SSDs. Bear in mind that the acquisition only included OCZ's consumer and enterprise storage divisions -- last time I heard OCZ was looking for a buyer for its other units but it seems that they've not been able to find one.

Update: OCZ told us that they have a buyer for their PSU business with more details to follow in two weeks. The RAM and cooling divisions have been discontinued a long while ago, though.

Normal Support Support Until Jan 22, 2015 Not Supported

Vector 150


Vertex 460

Vertex 450

Vertex 4

Vertex 3

Vertex 2



RevoDrive 3

RevoDrive 3X2

Agility 4

Agility 3

Agility 2


ALL Non-SSD Products

Core Series



Octane Series

Solid Series

Colossus Series




RevoDrive Hybrid



Onyx Series

Solid Series

OCZ SATA I SSD (1st gen)

OCZ SATA II SSD (1st gen)

The good news is that the most popular SSDs are covered, including the older members of the Vertex family. The Agility series will be supported for another year, meaning that some warranties of Agility 3 and 4 will be shortened. Unsupported products include the rest of OCZ's SSDs and most of these are models that were never even sampled to media. Ultimately I believe these products were also OCZ's stumbling blocks because although they were cheap, the performance was horrible and failure rates were ridiculously high. 

If you have an unsupported product, you may not be out of luck if you happen to live in EU or other region with strict consumer protection laws. Here in Finland the seller is responsible for the warranty by law and OCZ's decision to discontinue support for some products does not change that. Obviously I can't speak for other countries but this is something worth finding out in case your product fails during the original, now discontinued, warranty period. 

The full details can be found on OCZ's warranty page.

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