Original Link: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7091/samsung-premiere-2013-galaxy-ativ-london-launch-live-blog

02:59PM EDT - I think we're done with the live blog though! Now off to hands on time!

02:58PM EDT - Live entertainment

02:58PM EDT - "One more huge surprise to announce"

02:58PM EDT - HomeSync Lite, turns device into a home server/personal cloud

02:57PM EDT - Samsung SoundAlive 2.2 channel?

02:57PM EDT - quad-core CPU

02:57PM EDT - Premium metal frame though?

02:57PM EDT - Design inspired by the SGS4

02:56PM EDT - ATIV One 5 Style - all-in-one

02:56PM EDT - Book 9 Lite comes in Marble White, Ash Black and Wine Red

02:56PM EDT - Hmm quad-core? This thing has to be Kabini based

02:56PM EDT - quad-core CPU, 16.9mm thin, 1.44kg

02:56PM EDT - ATIV Book 9 Lite

02:55PM EDT - You can operate your SGS smartphone screen via your notebook

02:55PM EDT - Samsung Side Sync, lets you move content between your Samsung smartphone and ATIV Book 9 Plus

02:55PM EDT - yep this is running Windows 8.1, note the start button in their screen shots

02:54PM EDT - qHD+ 3200 x 1800 touch screen display

02:54PM EDT - 4 hours more battery life than the previous model

02:54PM EDT - 13.6mm thin and 1.39kg for the ATIV Book 9 Plus, 12 hours of battery life

02:54PM EDT - ATIV Book 9 Plus is next

02:54PM EDT - No word on what's inside the ATIV Tab 3, CloverTrail+? Too early for Bay Trail

02:53PM EDT - And features an S Pen as well

02:53PM EDT - ...for free

02:53PM EDT - Comes with Office 2013

02:52PM EDT - 8.5 hours of battery life

02:51PM EDT - Running full Windows 8

02:51PM EDT - 10.1-inch display

02:51PM EDT - 8.2mm thin, 550g

02:50PM EDT - Now on to the ATIV Tab 3

02:49PM EDT - Chassis made out of magnesium

02:49PM EDT - 13.9mm thin, 1.29 kg

02:48PM EDT - The ATIV Q also features an S Pen

02:48PM EDT - Display can lift up and away revealing an integrated physical keyboard

02:47PM EDT - Up to 9 hours of battery life

02:47PM EDT - Intel Haswell CPU

02:46PM EDT - You can pin Android apps to the Windows 8 start screen

02:46PM EDT - Button on the front switches between Android and Windows 8

02:45PM EDT - 178-degree viewing angle

02:45PM EDT - "So bright you can use it in very bright sunlight"

02:44PM EDT - 275 PPI

02:44PM EDT - This thing has to run Windows 8.1

02:43PM EDT - qHD+ 3200 x 1800!

02:43PM EDT - 13.3" display

02:42PM EDT - Looks like a modern take on ASUS' Eee Pad Slider

02:42PM EDT - Starting with the convertible ATIV Q

02:41PM EDT - Family: Tab 3, Book 9, One 5, Q - tablet, notebook, all-in-one, hybrid convertible

02:41PM EDT - ATIV is to Windows as Galaxy is to Android

02:41PM EDT - Talking about the ATIV family first

02:38PM EDT - Head of European ATIV Marketing, Patrick Povel taking the stage

02:37PM EDT - Done with the Galaxy announcements, off to ATIV now

02:36PM EDT - Now showing off smart mode, auto presets

02:36PM EDT - "Separate ISP"

02:36PM EDT - 1.6GHz quad-core

02:35PM EDT - 4.8" HD TFT LCD display

02:34PM EDT - Running Android 4.2.2

02:34PM EDT - 1/6000 max shutter speed

02:34PM EDT - NX300's Hybrid AF is present in Galaxy NX

02:34PM EDT - 20.3MP APS-C sensor

02:33PM EDT - Fully compatible with other Samsung NX camera lenses

02:32PM EDT - "Features you'd expect from a high-end mirrorless camera and the power of Android"

02:32PM EDT - "Taking the notion of connected camera to a whole new level"

02:31PM EDT - Galaxy NX introduction time

02:30PM EDT - Smart mode suggest - automatically chooses from 12 smart modes, and gives you the best one based on the shooting situation you're in

02:29PM EDT - "25 smart modes to choose from"

02:29PM EDT - Spin a ring around the lens that fires up a set of quick launch shortcuts

02:28PM EDT - Spin the ring, take a picture, hit send and it'll go directly to the person you're talking to

02:28PM EDT - Can take photos while in the middle of a call

02:28PM EDT - Now onto Software features: In-call photo share

02:27PM EDT - Available in white frost or black mist

02:27PM EDT - 16MP sensor, xenon flash

02:26PM EDT - Now showing off OIS working on the SGS4 Zoom

02:25PM EDT - "better glass for better pictures"

02:25PM EDT - "Officially the SGS4 zoom is the only smartphone in the world with a 10x optical zoom"

02:24PM EDT - Now on to the SGS4 zoom

02:24PM EDT - It's a pretty cool phone for those really worried about dropping their phone in water

02:22PM EDT - Pulled the phone out of the water, now they're taking a photo of us with it

02:22PM EDT - But you can use the volume rocker as a camera button

02:22PM EDT - Touch screen doesn't work under water

02:21PM EDT - Just dropped it in water

02:21PM EDT - Now they're about to test the SGS4 Active

02:20PM EDT - From Brian's launch post on the SGS4 Active: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7031/samsung-makes-galaxy-s-4-active-official-ip67-and-ruggedized

02:20PM EDT - "The SGS4 Active includes an IP67 rating, which means it's fully sealed against dust (first digit 6 connotes a completely dust sealed design), and submergible up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes (second digit 7)"

02:20PM EDT - IP67 certified

02:19PM EDT - Now comes the SGS4 Active, Brian was pretty excited about this one

02:19PM EDT - dual-core 1.7GHz, 1900mAh battery, 8MP camera, 1.9MP front facing camera

02:18PM EDT - Recapping the SGS4 mini: 4.3" qHD Super AMOLED

02:18PM EDT - Starting with the SGS4 mini

02:17PM EDT - First time the new SGS4 derivatives are making an actual appearance

02:16PM EDT - Blue arctic, purple mirage, red aurora, brown autumn, pink twilight

02:16PM EDT - Five new colors on the SGS4

02:15PM EDT - Samsung loves popup books apparently

02:15PM EDT - Setting the scene with a short video

02:14PM EDT - VP of European telecom operations at Samsung, Jean-Daniel Ayme

02:14PM EDT - Now onto product demos

02:13PM EDT - Samsung Galaxy NX, world's first interchangeable camera with LTE camera and powered by Android

02:12PM EDT - ATIV Book 9 Lite, lower cost

02:12PM EDT - Notebook PC line gets updates too: ATIV Book 9 Plus

02:11PM EDT - "World's thinnest Windows based tablet"

02:11PM EDT - ATIV Tab 3

02:11PM EDT - Features an integrated keyboard

02:11PM EDT - Supports both Windows and Android

02:11PM EDT - ATIV Q

02:10PM EDT - Today announcing two new ATIV tablets

02:10PM EDT - "Galaxy S 4 range is now complete"

02:08PM EDT - Now talking about SGS4 Active, mini and zoom

02:08PM EDT - Tonight we will show you how you can bring our customers a wide variety of choices

02:08PM EDT - Now thanking all of his customers for supporting the Galaxy S 4

02:07PM EDT - "Sincerely appreciate the attention the world has given the SGS4"

02:07PM EDT - SGS4 feedback has been "very rewarding and encouraging"

02:06PM EDT - Recapping Galaxy S 4 launch now

02:06PM EDT - er DJ Lee

02:06PM EDT - DR Lee, President and head of sales and marketing at Samsung IT/Mobile Comms division just took the stage

02:05PM EDT - some "seriously cool" surprises

02:05PM EDT - "Things will be popping up throughout this evening"

02:05PM EDT - "Pop-up theme to this event"

02:04PM EDT - There's a video playing, talking about Samsung's focus on improving our lives using their technology

02:03PM EDT - We're starting!

01:59PM EDT - The show is about to start!

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