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It's the calm before the storm. The coming weeks are full of big announcements from smartphones to PC components, leaving us to talk about everything we can before the onslaught. We discuss Intel's TV strategy, Microsoft's Surface Pro, the Pebble smartwatch, the removal of unofficial LTE support from the Nexus 4 and Broadcom's LTE baseband. We also set expectations for performance and power consumption on Haswell. Finally, we touch on the recent controversy surrounding range testing Tesla's Model S.

The AnandTech Podcast - Episode 16
featuring Anand Shimpi, Brian Klug & Dr. Ian Cutress

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Total Time: 1 hour 29 minutes

Outline - hh:mm

Microsoft's Surface Pro - 00:00
Setting Haswell Expectations - 00:24
Intel's TV Initiative - 00:31
The Pebble Smartwatch- 00:51
Nexus 4 Removal of LTE - 1:04
Broadcom LTE Baseband - 1:06
Controvery Surrounding Range Testing Tesla's Model S - 1:13

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