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Intel released the SSD 335 in October last year but the initial launch included only the 240GB version. Today Intel is adding a 180GB model to the SSD 335 lineup. If you recall from our SSD 335 review, the SSD 335 is essentially just SSD 330 but with smaller lithography NAND (20nm vs 25nm). It's still based on SandForce's SF-2281 controller but with customized Intel firmware. The SSD 335 will also be sporting a new case design (see the picture above) later this quarter; drives available today will still have the old plain metal design.

Intel SSD 335 Specifications (180GB & 240GB)
Controller SandForce SF-2281
NAND Intel 20nm MLC
Sequential Read 500MB/s
Sequential Write 450MB/s
4KB Random Read 42K IOPS
4KB Random Write 52K IOPS

Intel is reporting similar performance at both capacities, although I should note that Intel has always been fairly conservative when it comes to published performance specs (for example, most SandForce OEMs claim up to 90K random write). NewEgg is already listing the 180GB SSD 335 and it's currently priced at $180, which is actually $10 more than 180GB SSD 330 (although I would expect the price to drop once more resellers get the SSD 335 in stock). 

Source: Intel Newsroom

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