Original Link: http://www.anandtech.com/show/5406/ti-shows-off-omap-5-arm-cortex-a15-at-ces

We weren't allowed to take photos but we've just seen TI's OMAP 5 reference platform up and running Ice Cream Sandwich with full GPU acceleration enabled. The 28nm chip just came back from the fab earlier this month and it's already up and running. TI indicated that 28nm was very healthy. 

The high level specs of the SoC are awesome: two ARM Cortex A15s (3-wide OoO cores), 2MB L2 cache, a PowerVR SGX 544MP2 GPU, and a dual-channel LPDDR2-533 (1066MHz data rate) memory interface. OMAP 5 also features integrated 3Gbps SATA and USB 3.0, although PCIe isn't supported. 

Target clocks for the A15s are up to 2GHz, although the chip is currently running at ~1GHz and SGX 544 at ~300MHz  since it just came back from the fab. 

The first devices based on OMAP 5 aren't expected to ship until early 2013, with some aggressive customers potentially shipping at the very end of this year. If Qualcomm gets Krait out on time, it looks like it'll have the majority of the 2012 market to itself with the real battle with TI taking place next year.

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