Original Link: http://www.anandtech.com/show/1851

An industry insider close to NVIDIA provided us with some details about GeForce 7200 and GeForce 7600 launch dates. GeForce 7600 and 7200 have been labeled as G73 and G72 internally on NVIDIA documentation in the past. Expect to see the GeForce 7200 to launch sometime in February, while the GeForce 7600 will receive a much larger launch in March, during Cebit.

Other sources have already confirmed to us that GeForce 7200 and GeForce 7600 will use the same PCB as the older GeForce 6200 and 6600 cards, respectively. Tier 1 manufacturers already report that the only additions they will make to the existing PCB will likely be modifications to the power - some may even include 6-pin SLI connectors for GeForce 7600.

A third industry insider tells us specifications on both products are still being determined as NVIDIA does not need to lock itself into clock speeds 12 weeks before launch.

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