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  • savagemike - Saturday, January 11, 2014 - link

    Super size tablets with batteries are the future I think. What this thing needs is a wall dock with charger. And longer battery life of course.
    I think in a few years every kitchen wall (it's always the kitchen isn't it) will have one of these. Watch TV while you cook or video chat or check the calendar or whatever. And yank if off the wall to set up on the patio or the coffee table or wherever for game time or to write a letter or do some e-mail or homework.
    As the hardware matures to fit everything in the space and battery tech matures to power the larger screens then I think all computing will move to a flat screen which contains everything basically.
    This will persist until we can fold the screens up or until projection technology is so good it rivals physical screens.
    In the mean time though the 12.2" tablets and up will obliterate the laptop market in the next couple years and soon enough we'll all have AIO super size tablets docked on the kitchen wall and carried around the house to compute in comfort as and where needed.

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