NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 400 64MB

by Matthew Witheiler on 4/12/2001 12:52 AM EST


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  • suze - Sunday, June 27, 2004 - link

    Nvidia 2GeForce400MX 64 does not say D or E or Turbo or anything. It is a pain & the AC'97 combo audio driver, conflicts with Nvidia2Geforce400MX
    Have any ideas?. Oh also the owner has knocked off (by accident two of the capacitors) I soldered them back on. any way...
    It will not boot up at all. it has MSI MoBo AMD Althon900Mhz 128MB Ram & I wonder if the MoBo was trashed from unknowing person pulling cards & cables? what do you think?
  • suze - Sunday, June 27, 2004 - link

    Greetings Hope you are ready for a quiz on old pc's Thank you. Reply

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