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  • GenSozo - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    I want to mount a Mini-ITX system in this beast then tape a pair of hipster glasses on the top. LAN parties here I come. Reply
  • hero1 - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    That'll be insane. I have been waiting for this case for so long. Now that it's here, I will consider purchasing it even though I have the XL R2 fitted with Noctua fans and H100i and runs cold. This will be a perfect purchase with a couple of Titans, hydrocopper versions that is. Drool! Reply
  • Blibbax - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    Wasted on <4 watercooled cards. Stick with your XL. Reply
  • DanNeely - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    The XLR2 doesn't have room for anything larger than a 280mm rad; that's tight for cooling SLI/xFire cards if you also have the CPU in the loop.

    Also even if you're not filling them to the max, extra large cases are easier to work on because you've got a lot of extra space to fit your hands into and more freedom in how you place components as a result. If you're on a budget and trying to maximize bang for the buck an oversized case is an easy first thing to cut but they do make building/upgrading much easier.

    As long as you've got the height and upper body strength to handle the size/weight anyway. :)
  • hero1 - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    The XL R2 is very tight case. I figure that I could have a 280mm rad for the front but this means I have to get rid of my H100i and add another 280mm rad up top in order to cool SLI/XF with CPU in the loop. It's doable and I will consider it but the space does indeed become very tight. I think I can have the back and bottom fans as intake and exhaust through the top and front.

    Can handle that weight easily but someone below mentioned the case labs products. I have been looking at what they have to offer and go from there. The only thing that Corsair has them beat is the aesthetics with regards to how the case is assembled.
  • TaylorSandler - Thursday, April 18, 2013 - link

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  • spikey27 - Tuesday, August 26, 2014 - link

    Dan, you've hit on one of my pet peeves - it's no fun working in a case without enough space to use your hands. It so much nicer to be working in a spacious case.

    I'm in the process of going from a Codegen S-101 to the 900D, and looking forward to it.
  • IDUEHE - Thursday, May 02, 2013 - link

    Wonderful..... University of Nigeria Reply
  • hero1 - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    This is an awesome case that will serve us better, those who are willing to go all out on watercooling, custom that is. I hope that they make something like it that fits right between the 650D and 800D with the same cooling capabilities minus a couple of 5.25 drive bays. Reply
  • DanNeely - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    At this price all the external USB ports should be USB3 to futureproof it. Since most current mobos only have 1 or 2 USB3 headers, include a pair of USB3 to USB2 header adapters so the ports can be fully utilized now. Reply
  • Subyman - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    I have a 800D and would not purchase something like this again. I really like the case, very well built, and so forth but with boutique manufacturers like Case Labs making thick, aluminum cases that weigh half as much with ridiculous customization, it seems a serious watercooling enthusiast has better choices out there. The 900D looks great and well built, but steel at $349 + 41lbs dry is rough. Believe me, a fully loaded 800D was is ***** to move! No wheel option is a little disappointing as well with something this large. Reply
  • hero1 - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    This. I had absolutely forgotten about Case Labs as of late. And you do have a good point here and I think most people ought to know that they can have better cases for similar price or slightly more. Reply
  • Blindsay04 - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Case labs makes some quality stuff but their pricing is a lot more. SMH10 is $500 and that is probably the closest to the 900D Reply
  • pensive69 - Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - link

    see? Subyman picked up on the need for wheels...
    and the case didn't seem to have what i might term
    non slip handholds either.
    that's where my insurance kicks in.
    good god
  • DanNeely - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    it would require changing the appearance slightly; but to make installing cards easier I'd suggest putting holes in the frame at the proper screw location and extending the side panel to cover them. It worked well in one of the more plebeian cases I've used.

    I've had trouble with hinged toolless latching mechanisms not being compatible with dual slot GPUs before and am leery about suggesting them for something like this; although with a watercooled card the obstruction might not be an issue.
  • minijedimaster - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    So they basically just took a Fractal Design XL R2 and modified it, slapped their name on it and called it a day.
  • santiagoanders - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    The interior is much more similar to the CoolerMaster Cosmos II Reply
  • JFord047 - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Which is basically Just an Antec Performance case re-jigged Reply
  • Sabresiberian - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    Not sure why someone would question the "need" for this over the 800D. It's pretty simple:

    800D - 7 Expansion slots
    900D - 10 Expansion slots

    The 900D will simply hold a much larger mainboard. The 800D might well be crowding a third graphics card, and a fourth one would be out of the question.
  • Aikouka - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    I already own an 800D, and it's nice to see that they addressed the cable routing shortcomings in that case. It annoys me that I spent $300 on that case to see the side panel bow out because I'm routing a fairly common number of cables behind the case. While the side panel bowing doesn't really hamper you, I have found another issue with it that makes me reconsider ever buying another Corsair case. The other issue is that the 800D is limited in regard to the radiator sizes that it supports. Why is it that Corsair designed the 800D, their previous flagship case, to only support up to a 240mm radiator? If I had to guess, it's probably because Corsair was only selling a 240mm solution at this point (their H100 all-in-one). However, a few months ago, Corsair released a 280mm all-in-one solution called the H110i, which isn't even supported by the 800D! Reply
  • dylan522p - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    The 900D has probably the most space on the side pannel for cable management I have seen in a case. The 900D also supports a stupid amount of rad support. Reply
  • garadante - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    Remember, the 800D is three and a half years old. I don't think closed loop dual fan radiators were even available, let alone 4-way SLI/crossfire being as comparatively mainstream as it is nowadays. Reply
  • santiagoanders - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    Why no comparison to the Cosmos II? Similar layouts and price. Reply
  • praktik - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    Actually I think biggest competition for this would be the silverstone TJ11 - offers a 4x140 rad option in bottom if you take out the cages... also goes for 200 more....

    ...and yes I am a deliriously happy owner of a TJ11, my case for a decade - will go liquid cooling in a few years but right now just happy to have the air cooling equivalent of an FT02 to tide me over..
  • Sabresiberian - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    What do you mean "Why no comparison?"

    The article isn't lacking anything just because it didn't include data about your favorite case.
  • santiagoanders - Thursday, April 18, 2013 - link

    Because hardware articles always benchmark against the other products in the same market segment. WTF are you talking about? Reply
  • scook9 - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    I like this case. Not enough to replace the 700D I got for $100 (including side window panel) but I like it. Having water cooled in the 700D I appreciate the changes. The 700D/800D really only has 2 good places for a radiator - a 360mm up top and a 120/140mm on the back. While this is a lot of cooling capacity (both can be double thick rads) the 900D obviously blows this out of the water and takes it to a whole other level.

    More exciting and likely to penetrate the market is the 350D that is coming out that is pretty much a mATX design using the same design ideas but being around $120. I hope that AT can do a review when that comes out and compare it to the all time favorite mATX case - the Antec Mini P180
  • noeldillabough - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    While this case rocks, it still doesn't hold a candle to my current favorite case, the TJ11. One of the problems with watercooling is that the board doesn't get any cooling and this case with its 2 giant (quiet) fans handles it with ease. Add to that a full size rad/pump/power supply fits in the bottom and I'm sold!

    Water cooling seems to be on its way out but cases like these make me think its only getting started!
  • OVerLoRDI - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    This case truly is for the water cooling enthusiasts. (I am one of them). If this had been around last summer I would have snatched it without a second thought.

    It makes me regret my Caselabs M8 purchase.
  • Biggestinsect - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Never regret a CaseLabs purchase. Reply
  • Jorgisven - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    Spam on a forum board has a special place in hell reserved for it. Reply
  • idimitro - Tuesday, April 16, 2013 - link

    I am still wiping my saliva after reading the article, but the price helped me to sober up. The case is nice but too expensive. I have Xigmatek Elysium and It can also fit comparable amount of radiators, but only for ~150$. The build quality is for sure worse, and yes you might need to do some modding and tweaking, but where is the fun in just putting the radiators in a box if you don't get your hands dirty :)
    I think Anand should review the Xigmatek as it is a good case but surprisingly unpopular.
  • Objective - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    So this is basically the overpriced cheap and rattly Chinese knock off of Caselabs Cases.
  • Dustin Sklavos - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Just out of curiosity, what about this case is cheap or rattly? It was probably manufactured in China (or more likely Taiwan), but the design is American. Reply
  • Biggestinsect - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Design wise the 900 is nothing like anything made by Caselabs. The SMH10 has similar dimensions and that's about it. Completely different internals. Reply
  • JFord047 - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    A Good review, however basically the same as what was described in Corsairs Video, expanded slightly and an opinion.

    Still does not answer the Questions I have though! Being one of the now getting Fossilised generation, cases have come a long way, as has the cooling technology. but here in the UK unless your a really rich person, or old enough to have the family moved out, space is at a premium. So the computer will have to share the Bedroom or the living Area, making it a Very large noisy lump.

    I do like the case! I love the space to work, and the variable structure internally, however How much more space is it going to take up compared with the 800D its pegged to replace?

    I already had to modify the desk for the 800D, and only have 2.5" left to play with, I assume here that I am slightly Ferked.

    I have plans for 12 Drive bays "8 old Archive Drives" 24 years of acquired computer software & Data crud. But I want to Liquid cool it to reduce the noise. I am interested in how that's going to go lol.

    The main gripe with the 800D was in fact the lack of Space, the liquid cooled X58 UD7 board gave the possibility of 10 drives, the case at a push took 7 + 1 DVD Writer, the 3 EVGA GTX 580 Hydro Coppers 's on a Separate loop meant that the pipe work was Horrific to do anything with after! The 900D appears to address these problems!

    I have to do more research into this, but it would one first glance appear that the 900D is only 1.5 800D's welded together, and put on a Big Mac diet for the width, (something I was planning to do before the 900D was announced)

    One of the best cases I ever tripped across for space was the coolmaster Cosmos, but it was just too Big - and LOUD, even liquid cooled! this would appear to be the same case, with a rear space for cable routing.

    So it's really nothing new, just an amalgamation of loads of past cases, built as a Single, All the Mods Done for you.... What I really need is the Manual!!!!
  • JFord047 - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    As an Afterthought.... the BIGGEST REASON! for a case with a lot of space for me, is the fact that I only have 1 working Arm!

    It adds an extra Twist to building a computer - hence I only build 1 every 4 years.

    After measuring I have to buy 4 copies of Clive Cusslers's The Navigator as well as the case, they are the right size to raise the desk up high enough to get it underneath.

    At the moment it only takes 2 copies of Mrs Beaton's Household management for the 800D :).
  • cjs150 - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    This is simply a bigger, less cute version of the legendary TJ07 case. Looks to have better cable management and I like the way the HD cages work but that is about it. Also looks to suffer from same problem as TJ07 namely limited airflow to motherboard, from experience that is a quick way to fry the RAM!

    With a 480 radiator you can cool 3 graphics cards. Then the 240 radiator could cool the CPU and (possibly RAM) leaving another Radiator up top to cool the motherboard chips. Totally insane but fun.
  • Denithor - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    *Scratches head.

    In an era when CPU makers are pushing TDP lower and lower, they bring out this behemoth of a case aimed at supreme cooling? What are they thinking? I just don't get it.
  • Sabresiberian - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    wut? Reply
  • Juddog - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Woah that case is a monster! Reply
  • Belard - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Thought it was big? A few years ago, I built a PC with the Thermaltake Mozart TX. That case is easily bigger than this. The TX is almost all aluminum and very light. It even has mounting for a second motherboard (itx), tons of drive bays, off top of my head, 8 120mm cooling fan spots.
    It's a beautiful case, it's too bad they no longer make them. An update with USB 3.0 would be nice. It sold for about $250. Google images for the case.
  • Juddog - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    I'm thinking Corsair probably added some steel because of complaints with various parts of the 800D having durability issues. Reply
  • KLC - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    "It superficially looks and is built like an overgrown ATX case..." No, it superficially looks like a CRT console TV from 1975. Reply
  • wolrah - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Am I the only one who yearns for the days when case windows were an optional extra or something people had to hack in to their case? These days it's challenging to find a large case without one. I do not want to spend hours doing Voodoo-style origami with my server's cables, please don't force me to put them on display. Reply
  • Sabresiberian - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    There are many cases that don't have a side window. I suggest you buy one of those instead of one that is designed for people who like side windows.

    I found 6 on newegg in about 2 minutes that will hold huge motherboards and have 10 or more expansion slot capability.

    So, no it's not hard at all to find a good case without a side window.
  • wolrah - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Finding a case that meets those criteria is different from one that looks good and is good to work with. I assumed I didn't have to be that specific, but for purposes of clarity I have not been able to find any good looking (read: simple) large cases with good build quality and reasonable interior designs that lack windows. There are numerous cases like this one, excellent on all factors except that stupid piece of plexiglass.

    Looking on Newegg right now, since that's your example, I see what I assume to be the same six cases you found. The Thor, CM Storm, and Fusion are all chunky, fugly "LAN G4m3r" styled machines which look like they fell out of a [H]ard|OCP mod thread. All of those are really pushing the definition of "no window" as while it's technically not a clear window the massive open screen on the side has basically the same effect.

    That leaves two Lian-Lis. They're excellent but incredibly expensive and have always pretty much been in a league of their own.

    So yea, unless I want to pay out the nose for the best of the best, it is in fact rather hard to find a large case without this stupid computer ricer shit.
  • Biggestinsect - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    All Caselabs enclosures give multiple options for side panel design; solid, vented and different windows. They have a couple cases in this price range. Sleeving wires and artfully plumbing the cooling is a lot of the fun of building plus having a window lets you quickly know when and if the thing gets dirty or starts leaking. Reply
  • Sabresiberian - Thursday, April 18, 2013 - link

    I get that you aren't finding what you want, but I still think you vastly overstated the situation, and tried to make out like Corsair did something wrong here. They didn't; they just targeted people with a certain taste in cases, and you weren't in that group. And, there is plenty of room to route cables behind the mainboard tray, so griping about needing to spend extra hours routing cables really doesn't make sense. (If you are watercooling, you are likely to spend far more time routing cooling tubes, heh.)

    The cases we found on newegg are all decent cases; it's really just a matter of personal taste in appearance and what price you are willing to pay. And, the Lian Li cases are about the price of this one, so I don't know how you can complain that this case comes with a side window but those are "incredibly expensive" so not suitable for you. If they aren't suitable because of price, the side window is a moot point, because this case is too expensive as well.

    I'm not trying to pick on you here, I'm trying to get you to see that the case scenario isn't as bleak as you think it is. :) Hey, at least we don't have to put up with one brand or the other of a beige box with no real ability to cool components, heh. Cases have come a long way!

    Really, I think the solution would be to provide optional side panels, but I don't know how feasible that is since not all that many people are going to buy a case like this anyway. I have no use for a side window myself - but I do like side fans, and that's one reason I went with an Enermax Fulmo GT. That case won't help you though since you can still see through the fans, and that's not what you want. (Newegg doesn't carry the Fulmo GT anymore, says it's discontinued, but I still see them on Amazon.) And, it's a steel and plastic case, so if aluminum is your thing that won't suit you either.

    CaseLabs is an option that people have mentioned - but it looks to me like you'll end up paying more for one of their cases than the ~$350 this one costs, so don't know how that's going to work for most people. I paid $210 for the Fulmo GT, that was plenty for my tastes. I'd be willing to spend more - but I have no need to, so there's no point.

    I just has a thought - could you buy a 900D and simply put it so the window doesn't show?
  • kzinti1 - Friday, June 14, 2013 - link

    If you're so against looking at the innards of your case because of a window, why not just go to your local hobby shop, ask for a spray can of black paint for radio-controlled car bodies and paint the inside of the window? I guarantee a perfect opaque finish every single time.
    If you want a removable finish then go to your local car supply and ask for a roll of black-out limousine window tint and stick it on the inside of the computers window. Another simple way to ignore your lousy computer wiring job and also your trouble-shooting led's.
    The window tint would be best as it's easily removed when you sell your case, since with your inattention to detail when assembling your computer, you'll probably fry your components sooner than later.
  • Ubercake - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Looks a little smaller than my Thermaltake Spedo. I do like it though.

    Even without water, it's really easy to work in a case this large.
  • Ubercake - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    It's actually bigger front to back, but not as tall. Reply
  • Ubercake - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Dimensions are actually bigger all the way around on the 900D. It just doesn't look that way. The spedo has 2 rear 120s. I wish more newer cases had these. Reply
  • truprecht - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    That's not a computer case, that's furniture. Reply
  • nleksan - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    I have been water cooling for a long time, and I have owned a lot of "water cooling cases", some of which were good, a few of which are truly great, but the majority of which are frankly terrible for one reason or another. This is a very niche market and it is one that demands perfection at such a price point as the 900D is attempting to compete, but the sad fact is that most people are going to buy this case simply because it has the (frankly worthless) Corsair name attached to it.
    I have two fully liquid cooled builds right now, the first is in a Switch 810, without doubt the most capable water cooling case anywhere near it's price range, with as much radiator space, if not more, than the nearly 2.5x pricier 800D.
    The other build is at the opposite end of the price spectrum, sitting in a custom made fully equipped Case Labs TH10 (XL Pedestal, 120mm Extension up top, etc) with 4x 560 + 1x 420 + 2x 360 radiators all cooling the system. It makes the monolithic 800D look like a SFF case in comparison, and the build quality is simply so far ahead as to be indescribable.

    Which brings me to the point... Case Labs now offers the SM5 and SM8 cases at the same or lower prices than the 900D, but with nearly limitless customizability, build quality that is unrivaled, and small touches absent on anything from the company that Corsair has become.

    I simply don't see why this case would sell, it's as much a dinosaur as it's circa 2008 brother...
  • Biggestinsect - Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - link

    Confounds me how most tech sites get all revved up about this case but seem to be unaware of any of CaseLabs' offerings. Corsair and especially higher end stuff from Lian Li and Silverstone have nothing near the build quality at any price point. Reply
  • cjs150 - Friday, April 19, 2013 - link

    I love my TJ07 but totally agree about the build quality. Holes not perfectly aligned, lack of cable management etc. Case labs looks a lot better (also like mountain mods) on biold quality Reply
  • hyperdoggy - Thursday, April 18, 2013 - link

    Oh wow, the window is flushed with the side panel, that is awesome! normally case windows looks like someone broke the window on the side panel and they ghetto attach some acrylic on till they can afford to fix it, fine for a sub $100 case, big no no on a $200+ case. Reply
  • isorashi - Thursday, April 18, 2013 - link

    +1: Fluke reference Reply
  • ZoeAnderson24 - Monday, April 22, 2013 - link

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  • pensive69 - Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - link

    i guess our slow migration BACK to Big Iron has begun.
    thinking i got rid of these too big to carry systems in
    the mid 1980's... crap this is one huge monster.
    if it's 40lbs now, think about when you load it up.
    ....herniaville... i hope i find and install the dolly wheel kit
    before that happens.
    fyi Dustin; i may have a powered driver bit with an extension i can lend you.
    that will lower the skin lost murking back along the rear I/O panel.
    this was one most unusual case review.
    enjoyed highly!
  • PSYTRONIX85 - Friday, June 14, 2013 - link


    I was wondering if you can install 2 PSU's and a 480 rad in the bottom at the same time or is there only room for the 480 rad and one PSU
  • PSYTRONIX85 - Friday, June 14, 2013 - link

    Thats wilth the rad in push pull config too Reply
  • dezurtblue - Friday, December 27, 2013 - link

    So xl-atx will fit? Alot of forums says it is not compatible with xl-atx ( ) also corsairs website dont mention any xl-atx motherboard when you see the spesifications. Reply
  • duervo - Tuesday, June 28, 2016 - link

    This is one of the very, very few cases that can fit an HTPX motherboard inside. I got one to put my EVGA Classified SR-2 motherboard in, because I wanted something with smaller floor footprint than the MountainMods case that I was using. Yeah, it's a 5 year old motherboard at this point, which is old (much like this review to which I'm responding,) but it still runs over 20 VMs on it, with 48GB RAM, dual Westmere Xeons, LSI 9260-8i, 6 HDDs, and 2 SSDs. Reply

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