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  • jdonnelly - Thursday, September 06, 2012 - link

    Seems to go to a different board, vice the board you're reviewing. Reply
  • IanCutress - Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - link

    Hi all,

    Thanks for pointing this out - just a hangover from the html table template from the last review. Then I went on my honeymoon and came back to the emails and comments :) Thankfully the link in the Test Setup was correct :) It should all be fixed now...

  • DigitalFreak - Thursday, September 06, 2012 - link

    The Newegg link in the board features table goes to the ASRock X79 board you reviewed last week. :-) Reply
  • earthrace57 - Thursday, September 06, 2012 - link

    The link to newegg linked me to the ASRock Extreme 11 :) Reply
  • alcortez - Thursday, September 06, 2012 - link Reply
  • apriest - Thursday, September 06, 2012 - link

    I want Thunderbolt with more than 32GB RAM. How about 96-128GB RAM and Thunderbolt on the same single (or even dual) socket workstation board? Reply
  • The0ne - Thursday, September 06, 2012 - link

    Where are the rest of the awards in the same category? Is there an easy place to find these? It would be helpful for people like me who don't have much time and trust your judgement to just pick between the them (bronze, silver, gold). Thanks. Reply
  • Rick83 - Friday, September 07, 2012 - link

    That's a bit cheap.
    Probably no support for AMT either (but then few 2011 Xeons are vPro enabled, so it's not that bad)

    A note to the editor: Please add the exact NIC name/number. There are so many different Intel NICs, and also a number of different Realtek NICs, that it's convenient to know which are used without having to crawl the web for the info, especially if the manufacturer's site conveniently omits that info.

    You've got the board on hand, with all the device IDs, so go ahead and put that info on the spec-page.

  • Rick83 - Friday, September 07, 2012 - link

    Another note:

    If a mainboard claims to support ECC-RAM, please do test if it actually does, and how so.
  • tiro_uspsss - Friday, September 07, 2012 - link

    from my limited experience + what I have read here'n'there on the web, GB mobos suck with supporting RAID cards (LSI etc). With this product (& any other in the same catergory / market target), will GB finally address this issue? Reply
  • James5mith - Friday, September 07, 2012 - link

    For what it's worth, I would personally be interested to see what 8x SAS SSD's would do vs. the 8x SATA SSD's.

    SAS is full duplex vs. SATA's half-duplex. As well, native SAS doesn't suffer the overhead of the tunneling protocol that allows SATA drives to run under a SAS controller.
  • soloburrito - Friday, September 07, 2012 - link

    why no mention of the ASUS x79 WS? It seems relevant to include in any comparison with this board. Reply
  • loimlo - Sunday, September 09, 2012 - link

    Hi Ian
    At first, thanks for your hard work. It's a pleasure to read your article.

    Given the popularity of samrtphones/tablets, I think it is the right time to add USB charging into MB review. As almost every MB vendors have one or two USB Charging functions like USB charging during computer S5 sleep, over-current USB Charging for iPAD, it does make sense to test and include this function review.

    My suggestions are as follow:
    1. Normal USB Charging: 500mA for every samrtphones/tablets like iPhone, iPAD, Android devices. Very long charging time usually.
    2. USB charging during S5 for iPhone, iPAD, Android devices
    3. Vendor proprietary software to control over-current USB charging like 1.5A/2A for iPhone, iPAD, Android devices to shorten charging time.

    Given the 2012 Amazon Kindle tables ship without a charger, USB charging will be getting more and more popular among enthusiasts
  • drmrking - Monday, September 10, 2012 - link

    >>As stated with the ASRock X79 Extreme11 though, eight-way RAID-0 is an obscure usage scenario.

    No I totally disagree - 8 x 500gb SSD is going to be a pretty common usage for photographers - we need storage volume and speed. SSDs are very reliable (no moving parts) so its pretty productive to use Raid 0 as long as you back up changes regularly.

    Of course I can't get the full read potential (4gb/sec) out of that setup but the write performance is pretty well matched.

  • IanCutress - Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - link

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for letting us know that at least someone considers 8-way RAID-0. We all have our own narrow view of what constitutes normal usage, and it's always good to hear that one segment uses a particular feature to the maximum.

  • ray1214 - Thursday, September 20, 2012 - link

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