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  • bplewis24 - Monday, January 09, 2012 - link

    Anand, was the display panel technology the same, meaning for brightness, contrast, viewing angles, etc? Reply
  • quiksilvr - Monday, January 09, 2012 - link

    It was a hands on. We'll have to be patient and wait until May to see. Reply
  • cmanderson - Monday, January 09, 2012 - link

    Speaking of hands, why does Anand have 'old man hands'? Reply
  • Assimilator87 - Tuesday, January 10, 2012 - link

    Am I to assume it's a 10" display since it's not mentioned anywhere? Reply
  • hbk19 - Monday, January 09, 2012 - link

    The one thing I really want to know is about the new casing improvement over the TF201.

    Anand, when you mention the plastic strip, do you mean that aside from the strip at the tip, the entire back is still the same (albeit un-spun, non-shiny) aluminum as the TF201? Just want confirmation.

    Though I'm glad it'll be compatible with the existing TF201 dock.
  • hbk19 - Monday, January 09, 2012 - link

    *strip at the top

    I'm sure you got what I meant, but I hate typos. :)
  • Jedi2155 - Monday, January 09, 2012 - link

    I wouldn't trust Asus's promise of them saying it'll be compatible with the existing dock. I heard some where they made the same claim about the first Transformer/TF101. Reply
  • Gogol - Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - link

    If the battery capacity is not increased, it will suck with this new high res panel. Reply
  • themossie - Thursday, January 12, 2012 - link

    Why? You're backlighting the same area... shouldn't take that much more power to drive a few more pixels in the same screen area. Reply
  • Zap - Friday, January 13, 2012 - link

    Are we ever going to see these tablet screens used elsewhere? Little monitor? High end netbook? Reply
  • JaVsCaDe - Friday, February 03, 2012 - link

    After all that, was the Wifi issue fixed?! It seems to be the only thing on everybody's mind! That was the biggest concern and Reason why many people returned their TP tablets! Talk to us Anand! Thank you! Reply

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