Iwill BD100Plus BX Slot-1

by Anand Lal Shimpi on 6/7/1999 12:03 AM EST


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  • Nick2 - Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - link


    I'm writing in regards to the question I just asked. I still have that motherboard excellently working.

    I have a "slot 1 to socket 370 converter adapter card" that is plug and using a 1.4Ghz CPU 133Mhz-FSB socket 370 Tualatin which is plugged and installed and working excellent and I can only put the Bus frequency up to 110Mhz max. and the multiplier is in maximum of 8x. If I overclock more than the 110Mhz to 112Mhz or more sometimes the frequency freezes and affects other devices cards and the I/O controller and it tends to freeze performance.

    The only way to out smart that issue is to upgrade the Award BIOS that is designed and compatible to this motherboard that in the BIOS CPU multiplier has more than the multiplier of 8x like these 8.5x, 9x. 9.5x, 10x, 10.5x, up to 14x until it reach to the correct exact speed of the 1.4Ghz speed CPU, then adjust the Front Side Bus Frequency to the correct timing of 133Mhz FSB.

    My question now is, do you have an upgraded Award BIOS CPU multiplier more than 8x up to 14x so that I/we can adjust to the correct speed and timing designed for that/this motherboard? Is that an Award BIOS driver? Please let me know and email me. I'll be waiting....

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