Eight Months of Gaming

by Eddie Turner on 5/8/2008 12:00 AM EST


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  • DeanimatE - Wednesday, May 14, 2008 - link

    where the horse pie is Street Fighter IV?
    that game is going to be huge! :D
  • nicknet - Tuesday, May 13, 2008 - link

    Ships September 16... i'm a little excited about this one too Reply
  • deeznuts - Monday, May 12, 2008 - link

    The fact you have a couple of movie games in there, ugh, thse have such little chance of becoming good games.

    LittleBigPlanet? Man that's going to be huge. Not even an honorable mention?
  • Omega215D - Monday, May 12, 2008 - link

    I guess it is a good thing that Ubisoft Montreal is working on Far Cry 2. Games from this division are usually quite good in comparison to their Shanghai part.

    Also I thought that the next Splinter Cell (also from Montreal) is supposed to be out this year. Any news on that?
  • KeypoX - Sunday, May 11, 2008 - link

    Seems pretty surprising. But nearly all of them are xbox and ps3 ports :(. Hope they port nicely. Reply
  • demiurge3141 - Saturday, May 10, 2008 - link

    i heard that duke nukem forever will be out in 2008...... Reply
  • JonnyDough - Saturday, May 10, 2008 - link

    COME TO PC??!!! Don't NEGLECT US!!! "WE" (older generations of really hanus and slightly neat-o nerds) LOVED YOU FIRST GAME PROGRAMMERS!!! Reply
  • EddieTurner - Monday, May 12, 2008 - link

    Haze was originally planned for PC, as well as the 360. That was before Sony sunk their teeth into Free Radical. Now the game is PS3 only. Money talks. Reply
  • SPARTAN VI - Friday, May 09, 2008 - link

    C'mon AT! Why isn't this soon to be PC blockbuster on that list? Reply
  • JarredWalton - Friday, May 09, 2008 - link

    A) When has Blizzard ever managed to release two games/updates in one year?
    B) No firm data set - just "TBA".
    C) Everyone has pretty much already heard about it -- might as well write to tell people the sun rises every morning. ;-)

    Those same criteria often apply to many of the other games on the list. I haven't seen a single game in the comments that we didn't at least mention in the email messages going back and forth on this article. Eventually, we decided that we should just post what we had and see the reaction rather than spending another several weeks trying to modify things. I figure no matter how much time we spent, we were going to leave off some major games.

    I pushed for including more strategy/RPG/adventure titles personally, but if we had gone for what I was thinking this could have easily been a 10,000 word article. It would have covered more games, but I don't know it would have actually been *better*.
  • EddieTurner - Sunday, May 11, 2008 - link

    ^ Well said. As the holiday season draws near, I'll be covering more games whose release dates are firm in a holiday preview article. Reply
  • MrBlastman - Friday, May 09, 2008 - link

    I don't see it listed, but I must keep the faith it will be released this year. Reply
  • Wivvix - Friday, May 09, 2008 - link

    Starcraft II?
    Fable II?

    How could these fail to even get a mention when games like "heist", "Zeno clash" and "Mass Effect- PC" made the list?

  • kdog03 - Friday, May 09, 2008 - link

    really, you missed anand. Reply
  • Etern205 - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    The screen shot for the game "Legendary" reminds me of one of the scenes in Final Fantasy Advent Children. :P

    As for Just Cause 2, I haven't got any issue with Just Cause, but on their forums there are quite a few people who has. I hope they fix all of their bugs with this 2nd release.

    And I do hope they fix their driving issue!
    Driving the cars feels like your skidding on ice. :/
  • chynn - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    WotLK update to World of Warcraft.

    Not a console game; not a PC game, per se; Wrath of the Lich King is just the latest enhancement to the WoW series.

    But it will rock and suck in another 10M accounts ... :)
  • just4U - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    yeah ... and then there is that little thing called warhammer due out in october. Reply
  • vacendak - Sunday, May 25, 2008 - link

    I'm thinking Warhammer might make a ripple in this pond. With 700,255 beta applications to date…

  • tonjohn - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    I'm disappointed. Reply
  • tonjohn - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    To clarify:

    "The biggest news so far is that Left 4 Dead is on track for a November 2008 release worldwide for both PC and Xbox 360."
  • BladeVenom - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    This is the list I use. http://www.systemwars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=...">http://www.systemwars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=...

    A DRM warning about Mass Effect and Spore.
  • DigitalFreak - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    No way in hell I'll be buying Mass Effect or Spore with that DRM. Reply
  • mmntech - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Agreed. I was looking forward to Mass Effect on PC. I feel like I wasted $170 on the HD 3850 I bought to play it. PC gaming is dead and DRM is the box they're burying it in.

    There were two huge games missing from the list. The first is LittleBigPlanet which is probably one of the most anticipated PS3 games coming out this year. The Force Unleashed is another big one, even just from a technical standpoint with Euphoria and DMM. 2008 is going to be a good year for consoles. I'm glad I finally caved in and bought one rather than suffering with PC and SecuROM.
  • Heatlesssun - Friday, May 09, 2008 - link

    You're making way to much of the SecureROM thing. I've got a couple of games using it, Call of Juarez and DirT and I'm not having any issues on Vista, both x86 and x64.

    Also you're failing to realize that most PC games are available via a download service, which use net authentication schemes. PC gaming is far from dead. With out PC's, there'd be no hardware to go into consoles as consoles are loss leaders. AMD and nVidia wouldn't make it on console sales alone. They need to be able to sell dedicated GPU's to make money and have some for the R&D that ends up in consoles.

    Viva la PC Gaming!
  • EddieTurner - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Was reading about that earlier. Man, what a freakin' killjoy. Somebody whould be shot for making that decision. Reply
  • Spacecomber - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    I latch onto a handful of PC games a year that I play, and I recognize that there are many other games out there that I'll never get around to playing, especially since I have no plans on a picking up a console any time soon. So, it's nice to have a kind of overview of the electronic gaming universe. I'll never be able to explore it all, but I'm sure some of these new games will find there way onto my hard drive. Reply
  • PrinceGaz - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    That sums up my feelings too. I only play a few games but play them a lot. I also have no need or desire to buy a console for the sort of games I like most, and judging from the fact that 12 of the 16 games listed are shown as getting a PC release (and one or two of the other four may well get a PC release later on), PC gaming is far from dead. Reply
  • Griswold - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Well said. Reply
  • Rocket321 - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    I really liked the article, keep them comming! Reply
  • vexingv - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    This list makes me hesitant to put a $500 investment into buying a PS3 solely to play MGS4 and GTA4 (which will probably be ported to PC). So many of these games are multiplatform and being released on the PC as well. However, I'm concerned whether the PC ports are even comparable to their console counterparts as the PC is hardly the lead platform anymore and usually winds up as the bastard child. Reply
  • madgonad - Friday, May 09, 2008 - link

    Yes. The PC version never leads anymore. It took an extra 6 months for Mass Effect to be improved enough to actually benefit from the enhanced graphics and controls offered by the PC environment. Reply
  • mdudeja - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Heavy Rain, anyone??? Reply
  • EddieTurner - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Nice to see I'm not the only one whose been follwing that title. But again, there's no indication of a release in the coming months. I am anxious to get more info on it though. Things have been kind of quiet lately. Reply
  • erwos - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    You totally missed Ninja Gaiden 2. And Fable 2. Reply
  • nugundam93 - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    what, no duke nukem forever on that list! for shame!

  • EddieTurner - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    DNF? Sure, but that one would belong in 8 "Years" of Gaming! I'm prety sure we won't see that one this year.

    As far as Ninja Gaiden 2 goes, I'll take the rap for not including it. However, it's definitely a prospect for a full review.
  • FITCamaro - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Of course if the game releases in the state it currently is in beta, no ones going to want to play it anyway. I have yet to play for more than 5 minutes at a time since getting through the opening solo area. And I've got a pretty decent system. Reply
  • Loquejr - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Soul Calibre, and Left 4 Dead should also be great titles out this year :¬)

    new SF might be interesting too... =¬]
  • DragonFire - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    What the hell man, where is my Duke Nukem Forever! Reply
  • Griswold - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    A provisional release date (year? decade?) for the Duke would steal the thunder of all these upcoming games. So, the best we can hope for is an old fashioned "when it's done". :(

    (Yes, I'm still hoping too)
  • EddieTurner - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Hey folks! As Jarred stated, there were a number of games that were equally worthy of rearing their heads in this article, but I chose to stick with the ones that were at least targeted for 2008. So titles labeled TBA 08 took precedent over the lone TBA's. This was a fun article to do and I plan to create a similar one as we get closer to the holiday season. By then, hopefully games like StarCraft II, Left 4 Dead, and Project Origin will have the release dates nailed down. I was, however, glad to include some of the lesser known games that I felt derserved some attention. That said, I wish I could have included 10 screens from Zeno Clash. The game looks like it'll be a riot! Anyway, I hope you enjoy these brief previews. More on the way! Reply
  • tehgunnerer - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Its Marvel, not DC. For the love of god, man! Reply
  • EddieTurner - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Thanks for pointing that out. I had been watching the new trailer for Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe during a revision. Honest mistake! Reply
  • indiekid - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Starcraft II could happen this year, right? Maybe? Someone? Reply
  • drebo - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    It's slated for launch in late November or early December, and I'm a little disappointed it's not on the list.

    There are like 7 or 8 FPS games on the list that all look to offer IDENTICAL gameplay...yet only one RTS, despite the fact that the new Supreme Commander game and Starcraft II are due out this year, both of which have completely different gameplay to each other and to Spore.
  • JonnyDough - Saturday, May 10, 2008 - link

    A little?!!! How the hell could it NOT be on the list? Just because it's not a shooter doesn't mean it's not totally rad. Ugh. At LEAST they got it right when they put Fallout 3 on the list. Fallout was a sweet game. I never got bored! Reply
  • MrDiSante - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Starcraft II - the only game I'm looking forward to this year (aside from Gears of War II, but TBH I doubt they're gonna ship this year). Reply
  • cmdrdredd - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    None of the listed games will go on my PC. There's a few I'm looking at, but on my Consoles.

    Pc Gaming is in the pits.
  • murphyslabrat - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    No love for Fallout III?

    Those two go hand in hand: both are sequels to a title that still sees considerable action, despite recently having their 10th birthday.
  • Harkonnen - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    No Half-Life 2: Episode 3 either!


  • The Arete - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Exactly! Missing some key relatively substantial franchises

    Battlefield: Bad company, Fable 2, SW: Force Unleashed, Brothers in Arms: Hell's highway, Prototype, Silent hill, Soul calibur, Resident Evil, End War. I'd say those are established enough that they should at least get worthy mention even if they do get pushed back into 2009.

  • LemonJoose - Friday, May 09, 2008 - link

    Prototype has been delayed until 2009, however, you're right there are a lot of other major titles coming in 2008 that weren't on the list. Reply
  • Polynikes - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    For shame! Reply
  • JarredWalton - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Titles scheduled for 2008. Last I heard, both Clear Sky and HL2 EP3 are 2009 titles (or "When it's done"). There are a lot of interesting games coming out, but many of them are still unknown ETA.

    Here are some games I mentioned, but many don't have a set release date and others simply didn't make the list for one reason or another:

    STALKER: Clear Sky , Project Origin (Monolith's follow-up to FEAR), FEAR 2, Left 4 Dead, Battlefield Heroes, Darkest of Days, Duke Nukem Forever, HL2 Episode 3, Alan Wake, Project Offset, Age of Conan, Space Siege, Sacred 2, Demigod, Penny Arcade Adventures, and Rise of the Argonauts.

    And that's just the "short" list. If reader reaction to this sort of article is positive, we will likely do more in this vein.
  • Polynikes - Monday, May 12, 2008 - link


    Looks like this year to me, barring any unforeseen delays.
  • Marduk - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Actually Stalker: Clear Sky will be released on August 29 (2008) if it's not delayed, of course. Still, it's a nice article. Encore. Reply
  • Harkonnen - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    Ah ok, Makes sense that your not including games without a release date.

    I do like the article too. You definitely should do one every of these every once in a while.
  • tuteja1986 - Thursday, May 08, 2008 - link

    ERR... you forgot
    Ninja Gaiden II
    Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
    Resident Evil 5 ( according to campcom its coming this year)
    The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

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