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  • gibhunter - Monday, January 09, 2006 - link

    Is that Serenity that I'm seeing on the Toshiba laptop playing back in high definition? If so, WHERE CAN I BUY IT?!!! and How much? Reply
  • Troll4Hire - Monday, January 09, 2006 - link

    Is it just me, or am I the only one who saw the Motorola Bluetooth headset and laughed because it looks like a penis and testicles?">Photo #1">Photo #2">
  • Jynx980 - Monday, January 09, 2006 - link

    The Vaio on "The Four Viiv PCs Worth Mentioning" looks a lot like a cash register with the keyboard on top. Reply
  • Doh! - Sunday, January 08, 2006 - link

    It's in Korean but you can see the specs.">
  • longfred - Sunday, January 08, 2006 - link

    For more info on the rollable display shown by Philips look at"> You can find some nice pictures and a video at the website (Technology -> download). Reply
  • HamburgerBoy - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    That rollable display is pretty neat, but how does it work? For something that thin, would you have to use some really small batteries or what? Reply
  • AndrewChang - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    For those of us unable to attend a show like CES, I appreciate the quality and focus of your coverage. It's a nice reminder that you guys are still as dedicated as ever to Anandtech, as the quality of some recent articles had left me wondering. Thanks. Reply
  • DanaGoyette - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    My god, you could heat a house with that quad SLI system! What I want to know is how they plan to cool the inner heatsinks on those cards. This would be a really good use for a modded version of the Zalman TNN case.
    Of course, they should ditch the dual Prescott (if that's what it is) and go with a custom Yonah board.

    They'd be better off with a much longer heatsink with the fan perhaps sticking out the end, or something like that.

    Quantum3D Mercury, anyone?">
  • Cygni - Sunday, January 08, 2006 - link

    Mercury? Puh shaw!

    The Independence 2500!">

    A nice little graph, haha:">
  • ohnnyj - Sunday, January 08, 2006 - link

    It is interesting that the Quad SLI actually is stated to have over 40Gpixels/s output which is about 4 times the power shown in the graph there:">
  • Cygni - Monday, January 09, 2006 - link

    Each 7800GTX 512 has a fillrate of 8.8 gigapixels. Normal 7800GTX has a 6.8 gigapixels. 4 512's, and full 512 clocks (I dont know if they ARE actually clocked that high, but lets assume), would give a fillrate of 35 gigapixels for 4.

    Are there many games or displays in the world that can use this power? Hell no! haha
  • jiulemoigt - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    Could I not simply buy a bluray drive and a hddrive and have both formats in my pc? Also R+ and R- had the same probs but they both sit on drives together, so it is just a matter of time for both to play nice. I like that neither is being forced into a compromise that limits the size or quality of the disks. Reply
  • nomagic - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    Just wait for 6 months. I am sure there will be bluray + HD-DVD combo drives. Unless one of the format dies, we are just going to repeat the old situation, in which a burner would feature both + and - format. Ah, this sucks. Reply
  • Cygni - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    IIRC, the HD laser and Blu Ray laser arent backwards compatabile. However, the HD and normal DVD lasers are. Meaning a combo Blu-ray+Normal DVD drive would need 2 lasers... and a Blu-Ray + HD-DVD + Normal DVD drive would also need 2 lasers.

    As long as the HD-DVD laser can ramp up fast enough and be cheap enough, HD-DVD could survive by default.
  • ArneBjarne - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    You are wrong, both Blu-ray and HD-DVD use the same blue laser. The difference between the two is in disc structure. That is what HD-DVD shares with normal DVD, while BD has a totally new structure.

    Both formats need triple lasers to support either CD/DVD/BD or CD/DVD/HD-DVD, and ALL drives that I have seen so far already have triple lasers.
  • Cygni - Sunday, January 08, 2006 - link

    Your right, same 450nm laser. Which brings up the immediate question, why not a Blu Ray + HD-DVD combo drive? It shouldnt physically require another laser, although i doubt either Blu Ray or HD-DVD are super enthused to make products like that. Reply
  • Pete - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    "Wide color gamut even lager [...]"

    Mmmm, colorful beer. *Drool*
  • hoppa - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    1/8" should be thin enough for anyone! Reply
  • Chadder007 - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    Thanks for the great write up. I like the OLED display and the Paper displays. Also on the LCD's with the LED Backlight....couldn't they get some of the LEDs to turn off to give a super high contrast ratio on those? Like instead of the backlight LCDs now which the whole backlight is on and the LCD doesn't represent black that well, wouldn't the LED backlight be able to present a perfect black? Reply
  • Clauzii - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    Basically that sounds like a good idea to me too.. I think thats one of the Upsides with LED backlight. Reply
  • highlandsun - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    These are edge-lit displays, i.e., the LEDs are all along one edge of the screen and lightguides are used to spread their light across the whole display surface. If you decrease the brightness of one or two LEDs that will cause a dark stripe. Probably not useful for most types of images. Reply
  • Clauzii - Sunday, January 08, 2006 - link

    Hmm - bummer! Would have been nice though...each backlit.... Reply
  • Lyman42 - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    I agree, the rollable display is probably one of the most innovative things shown in the article. I also wish that AMD SFF PC would be for sale outside of Asia; it looks very cool. As for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray (BR), anyone notice how ugly the HD-DVD box looks compared to BR's? I like that the Blu-Ray Boxes say 1080p right on the cover, great way to try and differentiate yourself from the competition for J6P. Reply
  • psychobriggsy - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    I didn't like the design of most of the VIIV devices. Still too 'PC' like.

    That Dell VIIV device only had VGA output. Welcome to VGA resolution DRM video on your HDTV. Come on, a VIIV PC should have DVI with HDCP at least, and HDMI would be nice too.

    The Intel VIIV machine looked awful. What is it with PC manufacturers and the desire for ugly buttons and nasty smokey-black plastic panels?

    OTOH the OLED display looked great, amazingly thin. And the rollable display has a lot of promise for the future.
  • lexmark - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    great article. looks like intel is really pushing forward on its viiv platform. i really liked alot of the case designs on display.

    on the rollable paper idea, won't durability become a problem? something so thin and delicate looks easy to damage.

    oh yea AT, stumbled upon a typo while reading:
    The display was barely over an eighth of an inch "think"
  • Iv3RSoN - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    That AMD media center was sexii indeed. Reply
  • skunkbuster - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    that rollable display looks really cool Reply
  • KashGarinn - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    If anyone can find a link to a video of the thing, that'd be awesome.

  • longfred - Sunday, January 08, 2006 - link"> technology -> download gives you pictures and a video. Reply
  • xsilver - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    I think the idea of it keeping for months without power is pretty awesome, no cumbersome battery pack! Reply
  • DeathByDuke - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    damn right,

    electronic paper!


    itd be cool to open a book of encyclopedia britannica and have each page display scrolling text from each article, and videos for each article too, all stored on some multi Gb flash storage in the book covers
  • highlandsun - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    All of the new display technologies look really intriguing. And I think it's about time someone got Uhura's earpiece done right. Reply
  • ComatoseDelirium - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link


    NVIDIA promised that both of these items would be available to end users in the next 2 - 3 months. While they are definitely lagging behind ATI in H.264 decode acceleration, at least NVIDIA has finally provided us with a working demo of the technology and they have also committed to us that it will work on all GeForce 6 and 7 GPUs (AGP and PCIe).

    -Great News For AGP Users, I heard many claims that H.264 decoding wouldn't be possible, and is "broken" on the GeForce 6 series AGP cards. Good to hear from the horses mouth (owner of a 6600GT).

    BTW The article index is messed up, the correct pages do not appear, can someone confirm this?
  • s2kpacifist - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    Need...OLED I hope they fix the problem with the life of the blue soon. Reply
  • shabby - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    Definetly good to hear, but its wierd that the broken cards can decode h.264 but cant accelerate wmv9.

    I really hope this hddvd/bluray shit gets worked out, i have no intention of buying players from both camps. Could of swore i saw a company come out with a player that read both formats some time ago.
  • Cygni - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    h.264 is accelerated by simply "reprograming", if you will, the standard APU's and hardware on the card. No special stuff is needed. Theoretically, its possible with ANY modern GPU. Just gotta have the drivers to do it, assuming the cards got the juice to do it. The dead video decode engine on the early 6800 AGP cards was on the other hand a specially designed piece of hardware only for decode. Reply
  • Nobody Else - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    I believe that was Samsung that intends to come out eith a dual player.">Samsung Player

  • Aquila76 - Saturday, January 07, 2006 - link

    The index seems to be a page ahead (clicking on Page 16 brings up Page 17) Reply

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