AMD's 760 Chipset: DDR for the Athlon is here

The future of the Athlon platform is here, the AMD 760 is the first Athlon chipset to support DDR SDRAM as well as the 266MHz FSB.

0 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 10/30/2000

Transcend TS-ASL3 Socket-370 i815E ATX

Far from a well known manufacturer among most hardware enthusiasts, can Transcend form a more recognizable name in our community? Let's see how well their i815E solution stacks...

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/27/2000

Creative Labs Annihilator2 Ultra 64MB GeForce2 Ultra

What happens when one of the largest video card manufacturers gets acquainted with the fastest video chipset on the market? The Creative Labs Annihilator2 Ultra is here, and...

1 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 10/26/2000

ABIT SE6 Socket-370 i815E ATX

ABIT has recently impressed us quite a bit with their BX and KT133 based solutions, but armed with the i815E chipset will ABIT continue the trend? Find out...

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/25/2000

3dfx Voodoo4 4500AGP

3dfx's Voodoo4 is finally here, but is it too little too late from the former king of 3D? Let's find out as we pit it against a number...

3 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 10/23/2000

Chaintech CT-6OJV2 Socket-370 i815E ATX

Chaintech provides its latest i815E solution. With the days of the BX chipset being numbered, is this the right i815 board for you?

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/20/2000

Buyer's Guide: Value Systems - October 2000

Looking to build the system that will give you the most bang for the buck? The AnandTech Buyer's Guide for value systems is exactly what you need to...

0 by Mike Andrawes on 10/19/2000

Sony DSC-S70 Digital Camera

In the market of digital cameras, there are a vast variety of products to chose from. In an effort to help make your decision easier...

0 by Matthew Witheiler on 10/18/2000

AMD Athlon "Thunderbird" 1.2GHz & Duron 800MHz

AMD introduces two new clock speeds for both of their processor lines. With the Pentium III 1.13GHz delayed until next year, and the Celeron crawling because of its...

0 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 10/17/2000

Microstar K7T Pro2 KT133 Socket-A ATX

Watch out ASUS and ABIT, MSI is playing a very serious game of catch-up. As a follow-up to their introduction of the first Athlon board with on-board SCSI...

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/16/2000

ATI Radeon 32MB SDR

ATI's answer to NVIDIA's GeForce2 MX is here. Can ATI's HyperZ technology save it from the same memory bandwidth limitations that have been holding back the GeForce2 MX?

1 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 10/13/2000


ELSA was the first to bring a GeForce2 GTS card to market with their GLADIAC. Will they do the same now that they're armed with the GeForce2 Ultra...

1 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 10/12/2000

Video Card Roundup - DVD Quality, Features & Performance - October 2000

A lot of attention is placed on frame rates when it comes to evaluating the latest graphics accelerators, but very rarely is any attention paid to the video playback...

0 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 10/11/2000

Linux Video Card Comparison - October 2000

We have seen the performance of the latest graphics accelerators under Windows 9x/2000, but what about under Linux? Read on to find out how the performance standings are...

0 by Jeff Brubaker on 10/9/2000

The Digital Future - A Guide to Digital Camera Reviewing

Serving as your source for hardware analysis and news, AnandTech is ready to dive into the complex and often confusing world of digital cameras. How do we plan on...

0 by Matthew Witheiler on 10/6/2000

Chaintech CT-7AIV2 Socket-A KT133 microATX

Attempting to get a bit more name recognition in the motherboard market, Chaintech is at it again, this time with their KT133 based CT-7AIV2. Does this motherboard live up...

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/5/2000

Iwill KV200-R Socket-A KT133 ATX

Iwill's first entry into the Athlon motherboard market is marked with the introduction of the KV200-R. Can a once prominent member of the Super7 motherboard market compete in...

0 by Henry Kuo on 10/4/2000

Microstar K7T Master Socket-A KT133 ATX

For years AMD users have never enjoyed the benefits that Intel owners did when it came to having features on motherboards. More specifically, you never saw any boards...

0 by Henry Kuo on 9/28/2000

Buyer's Guide: High-End Systems - September 2000

Looking to build a powerful new system, but can't quite figure out what should go in? Let AnandTech guide the way with the Buyer's Guide for High-End Systems...

0 by Mike Andrawes on 9/27/2000

Aiwa CDC-MP3 Car MP3-CD Player

Up until now, the options for MP3's on the road have been extremely limited - you could go with a portable player interfaced to your head unit or try...

0 by Mike Andrawes on 9/25/2000
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