ATI Radeon X800 Pro and XT Platinum Edition: R420 Arrives

ATI remained very tight lipped about their R420 part until after NVIDIA had launched their current flagship NV40 part in the form of the GeForce 6800 Ultra. Today we...

95 by Derek Wilson on 5/4/2004

ATI 9100 IGP PRO: Optimized for Prescott

Today, ATI raises the bar with their second generation chipset for Pentium 4. We also found some interesting results when a board is designed to work first and...

24 by Wesley Fink on 5/3/2004

Price Guides May 2004: Optical and Magnetic Storage

Considering a DVD burner or a new hard drive? You couldn't have asked for a better time to buy...

14 by Kristopher Kubicki on 5/2/2004

Weekly Buyer's Guide: High End System - April 2004

This week, we continue with our weekly Buyer's Guides. Today is our eleventh Buyer's Guide in as many weeks, for high end systems this time around.

32 by Evan Lieb on 4/30/2004

Lian Li's PC-V1000: A Case Exclusive

It's always exciting to see a case manufacturer do something different with their designs. Take a look at how Lian Li has changed the standard layout of the ATX...

32 by Purav Sanghani on 4/29/2004

Spring 2004 DVD Performance Roundup: More DVD Dual 8X

We tested half a dozen DVD burners to determine which burner is, in fact, the best drive before DVD DL hits the market.

24 by Kristopher Kubicki on 4/28/2004

AMD Athlon 64 2800+: A Cheaper Newcastle

The Athlon 64 platform is a very good option when it comes to performance computing, but when price is a highly important factor, the Athlon XP line can look...

20 by Derek Wilson on 4/27/2004

Price Guides April 2004: CPU and Motherboards

Still holding off for Socket 939 or Socket 775? Take a look at what we recommend this week instead...

4 by Kristopher Kubicki on 4/27/2004

MSI K8N Neo Platinum: First nForce3-250Gb

MSI is first to market with a motherboard based on the nForce3-250 chipset. Does the shipping nF3-250 measure up to the great expectations of our chipset review?

26 by Wesley Fink on 4/26/2004

Opus Technologies' Titanium MT-200 Mid-tower Chassis

The MT-200 from Opus Technologies is a carbon copy of Thermaltake's VM3000 as far as its internal design goes. Take a look at our analysis of this titanium-shelled chassis...

10 by Purav Sanghani on 4/23/2004

The three Rs

0 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 4/22/2004

Weekly Buyer's Guide: Mid-Range System - April 2004

This week, we continue with our weekly Buyer's Guides. Today is our tenth Buyer's Guide in as many weeks, for mid-range systems this time around.

24 by Evan Lieb on 4/22/2004
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